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Unleash the Power of Industry 4.0

Unleash the Power of Industry 4.0

Our Industry 4.0 Training helps individuals in different roles (HR consultants, salespeople, training academy coordinators) seeking to get updated and qualified on current I4.0 knowledge.

The upskilling we provide goes beyond what most general training academies and consulting firms can offer:  our I4.0 courses reduce existing workers’ knowledge gaps in concepts and technical topics (e.g. SIRI, Smart Warehouse, Digital Transformation, Operational Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence Quality Management Standards and Technology, and more).

Upon completion, trainees receive I4.0 training certification, recognition, and qualifications from global institutions and agencies.


Why Choose TÜV SÜD Industry 4.0 Training? 

Manufacturers acknowledge the business benefits of I4.0 and the need to adapt their existing business models. Unfortunately, many don’t know how to get started or lack the skills and knowledge to scale I4.0 initiatives.

To kick off a successful introduction of digital technologies, workers and executives must grasp key I4.0 principles, concepts, and technologies, along with their practical implementation requirements. Does your organisation have the knowledge and skills it needs to fully embrace I4.0 principles–and consequently realise its benefits?

TÜV SÜD can close the gap by providing comprehensive I4.0 training courses and initiatives from experts on customised topics to help you successfully start, scale, and sustain your transformation.

“The CSA Training and Certification Programme is a high-impact framework that realises a steep learning curve with its participants. The Programme is comprehensive, in that it covers both the contents and appropriate guidelines for the delivery of the SIRI assessment workshops, as well as important background information. It is densely packed, and the examination is setting the bar at a high level, all in proper reflection of the quality of the SIRI framework itself. I enjoyed participating very much and became an active promotor of SIRI in it, also due to the trainers’ professionalism.”

- Yokogawa Europe

how can we help you?


TÜV SÜD Advisory Services complement your resources and capabilities. From conceptualisation to implementation and full adoption, we will make sure you embrace I4.0 in a strategic, holistic, and sustainable manner.


Training iconInstructor-led courses

We provide a wide range of instructor-led training programmes that cover I4.0 history, key elements, design principles, and case studies.

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Industry 4.0 (I4.0) Fundamentals

Our interactive e-learning course presents fundamental I4.0 Smart Factory Concepts, while introducing the Smart Industry Readiness Index: a widely-adopted framework for structuring a company’s digital growth. 


Training icons Customised learning

We’ll analyse individual organisations’ unique requirements and develop a custom programme that can help sustain their I4.0-based competitive advantage.



Training iconIndustry-relevent knowledge

Our clients enjoy access to our pool of experts, industry use cases, and research database to gain practical insights on solving I4.0 challenges.




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