green hydrogen certification

Green Hydrogen Certification

Prove your commitment to a sustainable energy supply. Take a step ahead of your competition!

Prove your commitment to a sustainable energy supply. Take a step ahead of your competition!

TÜV SÜD’s Green Hydrogen certification standard CMS 70 was introduced back in 2011. The latest release is based on RED II and the “fit for 55 strategy” of the European Union. Profit from the numerous benefits it provides for your customers!

Why Green Hydrogen Should be Certified by TÜV SÜD

Not grey, not blue! Only Green Hydrogen guarantees significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions. But claiming that hydrogen is green should not stand alone. Certified Green Hydrogen can be traced back to clearly identifiable and quantifiable sources. It’s the only hydrogen that is substantially sustainable, with low to no carbon dioxide emissions throughout the production process. TÜV SÜD offers its own CMS 70 GreenHydrogen certification alongside external standard certifications such as ISCC Plus and CertifHy.

This is how Green Hydrogen certification from TÜV SÜD helps your business to prosper:

1. Verify the quality of your Green Hydrogen production through an independent partner

2. Demonstrate the sustainable nature of hydrogen from production to transport and consumption

3. Use the certification of your Green Hydrogen as a quality feature of your product for your customers

Legal Requirements for Green Hydrogen

The European Union’s renewable energy directive 2 (REDII) outlines several legal requirements for the economy to comply with soon. From 2021-2030, it is important for companies to adapt their energy production to renewable energy as well as to renewable fuels from non-biological origin (RFNBO).

The EU is following a strategy called "fit-for-55". It focuses on the objective to actively reduce CO2 emissions until 2030 by 55% (in comparison to 1990). Furthermore, REDII has set targets for decarbonisation and the use of renewable energy. Those strategies are prompting companies to react and align their energy strategy accordingly.

The transport sector must have a share of 14% of renewable energy by 2030 and 2.6% of fuels are supposed to stem from renewable fuels from non-biological origin. This means it is vital for businesses in the transport fuels sector to change to Green Hydrogen and have a certification to prove their compliance.

Which Benefits does Green Hydrogen Certification give to Companies?

TÜV SÜD’s GreenHydrogen certification offers several benefits for companies. Producing Green Hydrogen and acquiring a certificate to display allows businesses to adopt a sustainable communication strategy toward their stakeholders.

Sustainability is a trending topic that resonates strongly with customers and whose importance is steadily increasing.

Additionally, the change to Green Hydrogen production allows companies to increase their positive impact on climate change while slashing greenhouse-gas emissions from the outset. Defined sustainability goals can be reached and communicated. A precise CO2eq emission value is coming along with the supplied Green Hydrogen.

In summary, Green Hydrogen certification lays the groundwork for success and proof of sustainable economic activity.

The Green Hydrogen Certification Process at TÜV SÜD

The Green Hydrogen certification process at TÜV SÜD follows six general steps.

  • 1. Inquiry
    • Inquiry information questionnaire
    • Eligibility check
    • Proposal
  • 2. Audit registration
    • Order placement
    • Agreement with certification scheme
    • Scheduling
    • Approval of Certification Body
  • 3. Document review
    • Risk assessment
    • Document checklist
    • GHG-calculation
    • Audit plan
  • 4. Audit
    • Audit (incl. onsite audit)
    • Clarification of open issues
    • Audit report
  • 5. Certification
    • Technical Review by Certification Body
    • Formal Review by Certification Body
    • Certification decision – Issuing of Certificate
    • Registration of Certificate by Certification Scheme
  • 6. Start of certified production by certificate holder
    • Quality management and documentation
    • Monitoring of production, sales and GHG emissions



Companies benefit greatly from using TÜV SÜD’s GreenHydrogen certification (CMS70). TÜV SÜD is a renowned, independent third-party partner with longstanding expertise in certification of hydrogen from renewable sources.

TÜV SÜD offers effective support on reaching customer goals, while the CMS 70 certification covers the entire value chain. Businesses profit from the high brand recognition that TÜV SÜD provides, along with a high market acceptance and a standing for robustness, reliability, and stability. TÜV SÜD provides a guaranteed proof of origin alongside the Green Hydrogen certification, allowing companies to showcase their commitment to a sustainable, future-proof energy supply and provide upstream product emission information to their customers.

With TÜV SÜD as a Green Hydrogen certification partner, companies have the chance to shape their future in hydrogen.

TÜV SÜD Standard CMS 70 Production of green hydrogen (GreenHydrogen)



Hydrogen itself, broken down to the smallest part in the periodic table is always free of carbon. But that does not mean, that all produced hydrogen is green and free of carbon. The difference is made throughout the production process.

When Green Hydrogen is produced, only renewable energy sources (mostly from photovoltaic and wind) are used to provide the energy needed for hydrogen production, e.g., via electrolysis.

For grey hydrogen, typically, natural gas, oil or coal are used as an energy source, and hydrogen is not produced through water electrolysis but through a process called “Steam Methane Reforming” or through gasification. This is similar for blue hydrogen production, but here up to 95% of carbon emissions should be captured. Turquoise Hydrogen is produced with help of methane and a process called “pyrolysis”.

The only sustainable way of producing hydrogen with as little as no carbon emissions is green hydrogen production. 

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