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Profit from comprehensive expertise across the whole hydrogen value chain and services covering the complete project lifecycle

Profit from comprehensive expertise across the whole hydrogen value chain and services covering the complete project lifecycle

Hydrogen is a key element to unlock a carbon-free future in our global economy. The prerequisite for the integration of hydrogen and in various industrial sectors such as Mobility and Transportation are safety and efficiency across the entire value chain.

We understand hydrogen production, storage, and distribution, as well as the different end-applications and therefore have an in-depth knowledge of potential risks and benefits of low-carbon and green hydrogen. At TÜV SÜD, we offer customers testing, certification, advisory, feasibility, and training services for every step along the hydrogen project lifecycle from the early planning to operation.

Covering the whole hydrogen value chain from production to application

The hydrogen value chain is typically split into the three fields production, storage and distribution, and consumption/ application. Each of these fields requires expert know-how to ensure safety, decrease costs, and guarantee compliance with regulations, codes, and standards (RCS).


The hydrogen value chain


The above graphic outlines the value chain and roles of hydrogen in renewable energy production and storage, energy supply and distribution, as well as low- and zero-carbon fuel in applications like industry, logistics and mobility.

Hydrogen production

There are different ways to produce hydrogen. Examples include production from renewable energies through electrolysis, steam reforming of biomethane and pyrolysis of biogenic feedstocks (green hydrogen) and natural gas through steam reforming with (blue hydrogen) and without (grey hydrogen) the sequestration and storage of CO2 (CCUS – Carbon Capture Use and Storage).

Further processing of hydrogen to remove impurities might be necessary depending on the target application.

Explore hydrogen production in detail.

Hydrogen storage and transmission

Hydrogen can be transmitted or stored in liquid or gaseous form. For the transmission pipelines as well as maritime and road distribution are possible. Depending on the end application, the hydrogen might be provided at the point of use via pipeline, storage, or filling stations/systems. Wen can help you to assess which solutions are safe and efficient for your applications. 

Explore hydrogen storage and transmission in detail.

Hydrogen in applications

In energy and material applications, operators and component manufacturers need to understand the risks related to high-pressure equipment, safe handling of hydrogen and conformity of parts, equipment, and plant. 

In mobility applications, homologation, global market access, and component testing for hydrogen vehicles are critical but not yet fully standardised.

Explore hydrogen applications in detail.


At TÜV SÜD, we offer services covering all chain links in the hydrogen value chain

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TÜV SÜD can solve your challenges and ensure safety to bring your hydrogen projects to market


At TÜV SÜD, we offer a state-of-the-art portfolio of testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services for hydrogen. We deliver these services globally through our extensive network of over 1000 locations and 25,000 employees.


How TÜV SÜD enables customers to enter the hydrogen market


Many of our customers are interested in hydrogen as this energy carrier offers high potential for strategies aiming to decarbonise various sectors. However, hydrogen technologies have played a niche role up until a couple of years ago. Therefore, companies need to invest in the development of new technology and rely on partners with existing hydrogen expertise to ensure their projects are compliant with existing and future regulations, codes and standards (RCS).


At TÜV SÜD, we have been working with hydrogen for decades and have successfully executed projects with customers and partners across the entire hydrogen value chain. In addition, we are part of several committees and organisations responsible for introducing new RCS. This longstanding commitment to hydrogen enables us to work with our customers as a partner that offers more than the classic testing, inspection and certification services.


We constantly bundle our broad, hands-on hydrogen know-how and review all our projects strategically. That enables us to offer customers superior support in questions related to trends, projects, opportunities, and the growing hydrogen project landscape. Furthermore, we are able to provide all essential services out of one hand. We can provide constant feedback to our customers about the safety and security of their projects and equipment. In combination with our hydrogen training services for employees, we can offer 360-degree partnerships for customers that want to enter the hydrogen market early while mitigating risk.


Hydrogen market insights and project consultancy with partners you can trust


TÜV SÜD offers support beyond safety, compliance, and efficiency for hydrogen technology through the subsidiaries LBST and evety.

Our customers can get access to the most advanced insights into the hydrogen market through LBST. The consulting company has more than 40 years of experience in gathering information on hydrogen technology, markets and economics.

Evety is completing our ambition to offer the best available hydrogen service portfolio through consultancy along the complete project lifecycle. The company navigates the complex and fragmented hydrogen market with their customers and enables them to plan from strategy to operation with peace of mind. 


thomas wei"At TÜV SÜD, we believe that hydrogen will play an essential role in a carbon-free future. We can contribute to this future through expertise across the entire hydrogen value chain and services that cover the complete project lifecycle. Customers are in safe hands with us." – Dr Thomas Weiß, Business Line Manager Hydrogen | PtX | storage










Start your hydrogen future today


Profit from our advanced hydrogen strategy and longstanding experience and get in touch with one of our experts. We can offer comprehensive support through our strategic locations in regions with high interest and available investments from governments and international companies like Germany, Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, and the UK. With over 150 years of experience and commitment to protecting people, the environment, and assets from technology-related risks, we are the ideal partner for your low-carbon and green hydrogen projects.


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