Clean Energy Certification

Certify your clean energy, with a blockchain-based system

Certify your clean energy, with a blockchain-based system

Why should clean energy be certified?

The emerging climate crisis increasingly requires a holistic energy transition towards sustainable energy. More and more companies want to demonstrate their commitment to climate neutral products and sustainability to their customers and prove the origin and environmental characteristics of their green energy. However, it is no longer sufficient to only prove the origin of green energy, sustainability must be verified along the entire value chain, which also includes the processing and transportation of clean energy. Verifying the origin of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives is a challenging process based on the complexity of the electricity sourcing criteria and greenhouse gas accounting for RFNBOs. The criteria for this are set out in the RED II Directive.

How can TÜV SÜD help you certify clean energy?

Together with Siemens Energy and dena, TÜV SÜD has launched the Clean Energy Certificate (CEC), which is essentially a blockchain based ecosystem. The fully automated solution enables full transparency regarding the origin of a product's energy, its carbon intensity and other energy attributes. By automatically tagging products with a certificate and sharing it throughout the value chain, the customer can gain detailed insights and verification. 

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How do you benefit from using the CEC?

Clean Energy Certified

As the system is run using blockchain technology, the entire process is automated. This means there is almost no effort needed from your side to certify your products, allowing you to focus solely on your business and production. The renewable energy used for your RFNBOs or Powerfuel is easily tracked along the value chain, delivering a transparent and trustworthy certificate which is tamper-proof and legally compliant. Using the CEC, you benefit from joined expertise of three expert partners, allowing you to transparently communicate your sustainability efforts with your customers effortlessly and position your products in the premium segments of your market.

Your benefits at a glance

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Full transparency: The ability to track certificates from beginning to end via blockchain provides the highest level of security, transparency and trust. Only members with an appropriate permission can access the private-public blockchain.

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Legally compliant: The CEC integrates existing certification schemes & automates the certificate issuance. It complies with internationally renowned schemes like CMS 70 and CMS 83 that are implemented in the CEC system. Further schemes will be added soon.


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Fast & automated: After an asset has been successfully verified by the certification body, your user profile is released & automatic certificate issuance is activated. Our tracking model ensures that there is no double counting or greenwashing.

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Cross-border and cross-sector applicability: Clean Energy Certificates are applicable across the entire Power-to-X value chain and offer new business potential by fully integrating sectors across countries, continents and different industries. 




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