Sustainable Energy

Ensuring safety and quality in sustainable energy technologies

Ensuring safety and quality in sustainable energy technologies

Hydrogen is an important building-block for decarbonising residual load, complementing renewable energy at times when there is not enough wind and solar power available. Designing gas-fired power plants for future hydrogen operation moves the world closer to a CO2-free future. TÜV SÜD’s independent certificate creates certainty for investors.

Mr. Erik Zindel, Vice President Generation Sales – Hydrogen at Siemens Energy

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Our service portfolio for sustainable energy includes topics on renewable energy services such as wind power, solar power and hydrogen. Explore the service areas below to learn more. If you’re looking for a specific service not currently listed, please contact our team directly.


Creating a sustainable future

Energy usage in the industries of manufacturing, iron, steel, chemical, and petrochemical is high and fossil-fuel focused. In response, governments and businesses are beginning to set targets to reduce those carbon emissions and commit to sustainable energy solutions. To become carbon neutral by 2050, the industry will need to undergo a massive transformation.


Defossilization is essential for these industries, meaning companies will need to shift from standardised fossil fuels to alternative low-carbon energy sources to meet COreduction targets. Decarbonisation will require technological advancement and expertise in specific use cases to establish new energy systems, alternative energy sources based on green electricity, and cleaner methods of sustainable energy distribution and transport.


TÜV SÜD supports partners during this transition and with the highest degree of transparency.



When you work with us, you will access:


Global and tailored industry expertise

Our global network of experts bring interdisciplinary experience from various industries and specific projects. We understand the decarbonisation challenges of energy-intensive industries and the regional challenges of meeting specific regulations. We work in your region and our testing labs provide relevant insights for major industries.


Compliance and trust in green energy technologies

TÜV SÜD enables trust and transparency between new technology providers, NGOs, OEMs, and society. We provide safety and quality frameworks through certification, testing, and audit services for emerging decarbonisation technologies like low carbon technologies, renewable energy, and alternative fuel. In the areas of decarbonisation where no standard is currently available, we bring third-party and neutral expertise, similar to our project veriX.



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