AI Quality Training – Executive

Roles and responsibilities for leaders

Roles and responsibilities for leaders

In this training course, organisational leaders will learn to identify and manage individual and organisational risks associated with AI technology, understand the impact of AI regulations and standards, and acquire knowledge about AI performance metrics and industry best practices. Participants will comprehend their roles, responsibilities and liabilities and will be enabled to plan their AI development and adoption strategy.


Topics to be covered in this course: 

  1. Motivation
    • Introduction to AI and the need for AI quality
    • Current and upcoming regulation of AI 
    • Roles, responsibilities and liabilities
  2. AI quality framework to establish trust in AI and scale AI applications        
    • Compliance of AI systems and services
    • Readiness of organisations as developer and adopter
    • Performance metrics and industry best practices
  3.  Path towards AI quality  
    • Skills and responsibilities - Train your AI leads and assign roles to implement AI quality
    • Assess your organisation’s AI quality readiness 
    • Stepwise implementation of AI quality framework

Class Size: Min 4 to Max 15

Course Duration: 2 hours

Who Should Attend: This course is relevant to C-suite Executive, Organisation Leaders, and anyone directly or indirectly involved in the decision-making process of developing or deploying AI.

Mode of Delivery: Instructor-Led Virtual Training


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