Introduction to AI Quality – E-Learning



The elearning module raises awareness and gives high level of understanding on:

  • Risks, liabilities and challenges of organisations with AI and why you need a systematic approach
  • AI regulation worldwide and EU AI Act
  • AI Quality Management approach to reach compliance, scaling responsible use for AI



Topics to be covered in this course: 

  • What is AI and what is AI quality
  • Failures and challenges of AI implementation
  • Standards and regulations concerning AI
  • Implementing AI quality
  • Are you ready for AI?

The new e-learning module is free of charge for the first 300 registrations



  • Identification of 3 pain points of AI: compliance and scalability, responsible use
  • Triggers internal activities to reduce the legal risks and performance challenges of AI
  • Orientation-Guide to understand where to start with AI Quality
  • Give support to get internal commitment to launch AI Quality project

Course Duration: 40 minsutes (Approx.)

Who Should Attend

• Mid and high-Management • Quality Management
• Legal & Compliance
• Technical staff: AI, Data scientists
• Any in contact with AI (HR, procurement)


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