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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most influential technologies, disrupting organisations and redefining competition. Great breakthroughs are making headlines, but organisations struggle to implement and scale AI projects successfully. 

Organisations are challenged by how to build a trustworthy AI, how to cope with complex quality requirements when scaling it and how to face mounting regulatory pressure.

Our outstanding AI quality framework is based on current and upcoming standards and regulations, business requirements and best practices to mitigate AI risks.

Thanks to our AI & Data quality services you will comply with regulations and unfold the full potential of a responsible AI.

To learn more about effective AI adoption, download our infographic here.

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The quality of an AI system is its property to meet clearly defined criteria. The quality criteria of an efficient ecosystem must be:

  • Transparent
  • Measurable
  • Auditable

AI quality refers to the quality, during development and operations, of:

  • AI system, such as (but not only) accuracy, reliability, and performance, including infrastructure
  • AI Data, its lifecycle and how it relates to the AI system.
  • AI governance, covering for example compliance, strategy and human resource
  • AI Process management, all along life cycle and risk management, such as cybersecurity


The quality of an AI system is its property to meet clearly defined criteria. The quality criteria of an efficient ecosystem must be:

  • Regulation / compliance (Risk)
  • Responsible use of AI (ethical AI)
  • Scalability (internal / Governance)



It covers the whole life cycle of AI and data, split in 6 pillars and analysed with standards, regulation and best practice.

Why Choose TÜV SÜD As Your AI quality Partner


AI icons AI Expertise

Combining our AI competence and expertise with AI, we have developed a uniqueAI Quality Framework. It consolidates all relevant existing and upcoming standards and regulations to expedite your adoption of AI & Data quality.


AI icon Committed to Quality 

Inspiring trust in technology has been our DNA and has served us as a guiding principle since our inception. Translating this into today’s digital world, we ensure the safety, security, reliability, and robustness of AI systems.



AI iconIndependent and Impartial

As an independent and impartial organization, we have been delivering testing, inspection, and certification services, for more than 150 years.



  • Is EU AI Act relevant for me?

    There is no straight answer to this, but if you are using or programming AI being in touch with Human, then most probably yes. There are many other situations where you may be concerned: the EU AI Act is a risk-based approach. Contact us to clarify your situation. 

  • How difficult is it to implement a AI quality management process?

    This is a journey across your whole organisation, your AI system, your data and your processes. This is about learning and implementing how to make AI right: processes, documentation, governance and infrastructure. Depending on where you stand on your digital transformation, this can be demanding. However, no matter what your needs, we are here to help you understand your situation.

  • We have AI in production, and we get good results. Why do we need extra AI quality?

    Let’s use an analogy. You are a car manufacturer; you are happy with your car specifications and proud of how fast you accelerate from 0 to 100km/h. Does this mean you would produce this car without compelling quality procedures? Do you know how to maintain it? What happens by freezing temperatures? Your CTO is leaving, and you are lost? Your insurance is asking you for proof of compliance? You are facing adversarial attacks,...

    You understand now what this is all about: AI touches your entire organisation, and needs to be addressed as such.

  • Do I need AI Quality for IOT devices?

    Sure! AI is not only to be managed in your production or data science department, but as well when embedded into IOT devices. You will want to ensure that your customers and final users are dealing with a trustworthy AI, wouldn't you?

  • Can AI Quality protect me from liabilities?

    This is one of the major reasons to implement AI quality framework, based on standards and regulations: you will tremendously reduce the risk of liabilities, as they just are very unlikely to occur. And shall they nonetheless occur, your compliance to legal requirements and standards will be a really strong umbrella facing liabilities issues.


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Artificial Intelligence

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