Sustainability Reporting Assessment


Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Sustainability Reporting Assessment

Many organisations have already started or soon will be obliged to create a corporate sustainability report in light of new legal requirements and increased interest from both the investors and clients.

But which requirements apply to my organisation, and how can I assure that our reporting meets the applicable requirements?


Step by step towards your sustainability report

Offering modular assessments, we support you on your journey to your sustainability report. Our experts assess the materiality analysis of your company and verify that your organisation has laid the essential foundations for sustainability reporting. We also analyse the maturity or readiness of your reporting on individual ESG topics and take a close look at how your company addresses environmental topics, issues in the field of social responsibility and sustainable governance requirements.


Benefit from our sustainability reporting assessment!

Use our new services to learn whether you are following the requirements of the underlying standards, and identify potential show-stoppers before the actual evaluation takes place.



Our assessments are modular and can be combined or carried out individually. Depending on your stage of reporting, you can choose between the following modules:

sustainability assessment modules 1-3

  • Module 1/3: Materiality analysis

    Our experts review the materiality analysis of your company for aspects such as:

    • Identification of sustainability risks and opportunities (financial materiality)
    • Analysis of the impacts of your business on sustainability matters (impact materiality)
    • Consideration of the stakeholder perspective
    • Prioritisation and derivation of the key fields of action
  • Module 2/3: CSRD Foundation

    Our experts review the requirements of the ESRS 1 and ESRS 2 standards for the following aspects:

    • Definition of the report boundaries
    • Internal governance system
    • Availability of due diligence processes
    • Definition of sustainability targets and measures (basic requirements from ESRS 2)
    • Existing framework for the collection of KPIs
    • Regulations governing data quality

    The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is the new EU legislation which defines sustainability reporting requirements for approximately 50,000 companies in the EU.

    European Sustainability Reporting Standards are developed by the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG).The European Commission adopts the ESRS as a “delegated act”, in consultation with EU Members States and different categories of stakeholders.

  • Module 3/3: ESG topics

    Our experts verify compliance with the requirements of the individual ESRS Topic Standards:

    • Environment - ESRS E1-E5: climate change, pollution, water, biodiversity, circular economy
    • Social - ESRS S1-S4: own workforce, workforce in the value chain, communities, consumers and end users
    • Governance - ESRS G-1: business conduct



In the runup to the assessment, we provide you with a checklist and the documents used by our experts as the basis for the readiness review of your reporting within the scope of an audit. You will subsequently receive a report for your internal use. This report identifies areas of your organisation that are still in need of improvement.



Our assessments show what is important for your sustainability reporting, and indicate potential gaps or weaknesses which allow you to draw up specific improvements to prepare your organisation for its future reporting obligations.

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Sustainability Reporting Assessment

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