Webinar Assessing Risks and Monitoring Performance for Sustainable Supply Chains

Assessing Risks and Monitoring Performance for Sustainable Supply Chains



Let us understand how supplier audits on sustainability matters will facilitate compliance with evolving due diligence obligations and how technology supports supplier risk assessment and measurement.

The EU Corporate Supply Chain Due Diligence Act is gaining ground: The majority of the European Parliament voted on June 1, 2023, to strengthen the EU Commission's initial legislative proposal. In this form, the directive (CSDDD) would oblige both EU and non-EU companies to a higher standard of accountability than the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG). A decision in the EU trialogue is expected soon.

Currently, businesses need to consider complex topics such as resource scarcity, trade tensions, and regulatory changes. These varied considerations are interlinked and interdependent and can disrupt the supply chain. Stakeholders have increasing expectations that suppliers have been properly qualified for their sustainability performance and that the entire value chain is monitored for legal compliance. Consequently, it aggravates the importance of audits within the supply chain to reduce environmental impacts, increase customer satisfaction, and conduct business ethically.

Learn how you can integrate cutting-edge technology and supply chain audits as a best practise to build a resilient and diligent network of suppliers.

Key topics covered

  • Importance of building a sustainable supply chain
  • Trends and requirements in international due diligence legislation
  • New digital means for supplier risk assessment and measurement
  • Supplier auditing and monitoring

About the speakers

Alberto SartoriAlberto Sartori

Global Product Manager, Social Area, TÜV SÜD Business Assurance

Alberto Sartori has 18 years of experience in sustainability-related assurance, auditing, and certification programmes. He is experienced in the management of international projects and standards. Over the years, he has developed specific expertise in sustainable procurement and supplier auditing. Working in the Sustainability area within TÜV SÜD's Business Assurance Division, Alberto is now the Division responsible globally for the development and coordination of services in the fields of Social Auditing and Sustainable Procurement.

Harald NitschingerHarald Nitschinger

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Prewave GmbH

Harald Nitschinger created a global, AI-based supply chain intelligence platform. The proprietary AI algorithm uses publicly available data from local news, social media, and other databases to understand, analyse, and report on risks impacting suppliers and raw materials at every stage of the supply chain. This platform has sources in more than 50 languages and over 100 risk categories for their clients. Harald Nitschinger graduated with a degree in International Management from FH Joanneum and worked as a Technical Consultant and sales Specialist at Netconomy before joining Prewave.

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