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The Sustainability Podcast "Sustainability unravelled"

The Sustainability Podcast for a Better Tomorrow

The Sustainability Podcast for a Better Tomorrow



What are the challenges and opportunities that come with implementing sustainable practices in the business world?

Sustainability is a complex issue that touches every aspect of a business, from operations to procurement to marketing. But sustainability is not just about the environment, it is also about social responsibility and diversity. That's why it's so important for companies to take a holistic approach to sustainability.

“Sustainability unravelled” takes a deep dive into sustainability and how it relates to business. Join industry experts and thought leaders as they explore the business challenges of sustainability and the solutions that can help us create a more sustainable future. In this sustainability podcast, we discuss a wide range of topics including sustainable energy, new mobility, carbon management, as well as responsible business practices and how sustainability can improve a company's bottom line.

The moderators of the sustainability podcast Laura Oberhausen and Cornelius Dalm bring in guests from a variety of backgrounds to give you a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities of implementing sustainable practices in the business world. Our guests share their insights on the common misconceptions that businesses may have about sustainability and how to overcome them.


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EPISODE 6: Green and Sustainable Industry: Technologies for a Renewable Energy Future

Green industry

The industrial sector is a major contributor to carbon emissions, highlighting the urgent need to explore decarbonisation strategies. With the rise of storage technologies such as power-to-x and evolving strategies such as carbon capture and storage, we have the potential to transform traditional industrial processes and move towards a sustainable future. Embracing renewable energy is not just an option, it is a necessity for businesses that want to succeed in a rapidly evolving landscape. Driven by the growing demand for sustainable and clean energy solutions, the global renewable energy market is expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2025.


In this episode, Thore Lapp, who oversees the global Business for Green Energy and Sustainability at TÜV SÜD, discusses renewable energy and decarbonisation strategies. Together, we explore current emerging technologies, future trends, and the potential business benefits. Additionally, we discuss the global significance of these developments. Discover more insights now! 


green buildings

Existing building infrastructure generates over a quarter of the world's annual CO2 emissions. That staggering figure underlines the urgent need for transformative action. The clock is ticking: by 2030, the entire building sector must halve its emissions compared to 2019 levels in order to effectively limit global warming.

In this episode, we welcome our  guest Hannes Endriß, business line manager for Smart and Sustainable Buildings at TÜV SÜD to discuss the critical role of sustainable buildings in combating climate change. We uncover some of the most relevant regulatory challenges and implications, discuss new cutting-edge technologies and what advancements are needed to drive sustainability in the building sector. Tune in to learn more!


Episode 4: From Source to Storage – The Path to Green Energy Transition

TÜV SÜD Sustainability unravelled Green Energy TransitionGlobal electricity demand is expected to more than double by mid-century compared to 2020 levels. This highlights the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions. A key factor in a successful green energy transition is the further technological development and significant scaling up of energy storage solutions, which will then go hand in hand with the expansion of grid infrastructure.

Dive into the dynamic world of sustainable energy with our expert guest, Alexander Heitmann, Global Business Line Manager for Renewable Energy Services at TÜV SÜD. Explore the challenges, opportunities and innovations that are shaping the future of energy generation, distribution and storage. Listen and get involved in creating a greener and sustainable future!

Episode 3: Scope 3 Emissions – Unveiling the Hidden Impact and Navigating Effective Management

TÜV SÜD podcast "Sustainability unravelled" episode 3 - Scope 3 emissionsExplore the hidden environmental impacts of business in this episode on Scope 3 emissions. Uncover the staggering fact that these emissions which account for over 40% of a company's greenhouse gas footprint, often operate incognito within global value chains.

Join our expert Khushboo Oswal, Global Head of Climate Action Certification at TÜV SÜD, as she demystifies the intricacies of Scope 3 emissions. From navigating the challenges of data collection to exploring the game-changing potential of digitalisation. Discover the reasons why companies are tackling Scope 3 emissions, the common obstacles they face and the innovative strategies that are shaping a more sustainable future.

This episode delves into emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, and the evolving landscape of Scope 3 emissions management. Tune in and be part of the journey toward a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Episode 2: From Concept to Impact – How Sustainable Supply Chains shape Successful Businesses

TÜV SÜD Sustainability unravelled podcast Supply ChainsDid you know that supply chains are responsible for more than 90% of a company's greenhouse gas emissions and 50 to 70% of its operating costs?

In this episode we enter the world of sustainable supply chains. Our expert Markus Ditsch looks at the evolution of supply chains, driven by factors such as globalisation and the growing emphasis on sustainability. Discover why sustainable supply chains are not just a topic for the future, but a necessity for modern businesses.

We explore their role in reducing risk, ensuring compliance and improving product quality, innovation and brand reputation. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities of this transformational journey and gain valuable insights into the critical issue of sustainable supply chains and their role in shaping successful businesses.

Episode 1: Powering the future – Batteries vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Sustainability unravelled. Episode MobilityAs the world shifts towards cleaner and more efficient transportation, the discussion between batteries and hydrogen fuel cells has sparked immense interest. In this episode we'll explore the pros and cons of these technologies, their impact on sustainable mobility and how they could shape the future of transport.

Join us for a chat with Pascal Mast, Director of Sustainable Technology at TÜV SÜD Mobility, as we look at the potential of these technologies and their key role in achieving sustainability goals. Find out now how these innovations could revolutionise the way we power our vehicles.

Teaser Episode: From Complexity to Clarity

Sustainability unravelled. Teaser episode: From complexity to clarity. Dive into the world of corporate sustainability with "Sustainability unravelled". Although 90% of business leaders believe sustainability is important, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy. We know that sustainability is a big and complex field, and you might feel overwhelmed by it from time to time. It is full of complicated challenges, conflicting perspectives and interconnected issues. Hosted by Laura Oberhausen and Cornelius Dalm, this podcast’s mission is: from complexity to clarity.

We are here to help you navigate through the sustainability jungle by diving deep into various sustainability topics. So, stay tuned for the first episode of "Sustainability unravelled."

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