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Cybersecurity services for lifts

Mitigate risks that arise with digital lifts

Mitigate risks that arise with digital lifts

Digital lifts use information technology or remote monitoring systems to operate and supervise the lift and its components. Nevertheless, digitalisation is not only limited to the internet-based data exchange. It includes the transition of safety components from mechanical and electrical based into programmable software logics such as PESSRAL.

These new technologies give rise to new vulnerabilities and threats. As a lift manufacturer, supplier, operator or facility manager, these new risks should be considered. Regardless of your role in the supply chain, cybersecurity can be no longer disregarded.

Lift manufacturers, suppliers, operators and facility managers now have the responsibility to ensure that the lifts are resilient against the cyber threats. Otherwise, they will be liable for the consequences of the cyber attack when it happens. Although there’s no mandatory cybersecurity framework nor best practice available in the market at the moment, it is being gradually included into regulations and technical standards for lifts and their safety components such as ISO 8102-20.


  • Lift manufacturers and suppliers

    Lift manufacturers and suppliers often lack the expertise and infrastructure to provide necessary cybersecurity protection for the lifts. They are usually unsure if the lift or its components are secured, and are unable to provide answers with regards to the cybersecurity maturity when questioned by their customers.


    TÜV SÜD’s tailor-fit cybersecurity solutions for lift manufacturers and suppliers

    Cybersecurity readiness index
    Provide an overview on the readiness of you and your organisation in the field of cybersecurity and identify any need for actions

    Cyber risk assessment
    Help you understand your vulnerabilities in cybersecurity, focus on technical mitigations and improve your products specification

    Technical conformity check (ISO 8102-20)
    Provide a direct comparison of necessary actions and take a deeper look into future framework

    Attestation for cybersecurity conformity
    Demonstration of cybersecurity readiness and technical resistance towards cyber threats

    Penetration test and vulnerability scan
    Provide technical proof on the component level to prove cyber resilience



    With the help of TÜV SÜD's cybersecurity services, lift manufacturers and suppliers will have better visibility of their cybersecurity readiness and the effort needed to achieve desirable cybersecurity level. With the relevant knowledge, they can inspire trust in their customers and be ahead of the competition.

  • Lift operators, contractors and facility managers

    Lift operators, contractors and facility managers are responsible for the day to day lift operation. They are also likely to be liable in case of accident involving lift. With digitalisation, lifts are susceptible to a new set of errors. However, there is still a lack of general awareness in cyber risks within the market. 


    TÜV SÜD’s tailor-fit cybersecurity solutions for lift operators, contractors and facility managers

    Risk assessment for installed lifts
    Understand the dedicated cyber risk. This is especially important for lifts installed in critical infrastructures such as hospital and airport

    Specification assessment for secure lift systems for new equipment, modernisation and refurbishment
    Lay the foundation for all future installation according to your desired risk tolerance level



    With the help of TÜV SÜD's cybersecurity services, lift operators, contractors and facility managers can better understand their responsibilities and liabilities in the area of cybersecurity. It gives them the opportunity to mitigate these liabilities through clear contractual terms. With the knowledge of cybersecurity, it is even possible to customise tender specifications.

    In addition, lift contractors would able be to take their lift business to a greater height by selling state-of-the-art and secure lifts with desirable features. Good reputation can also be established by being the pioneer in cybersecurity awareness in the market.


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