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Ensure objective third-party property valuation for your real estate investments

Ensure objective third-party property valuation for your real estate investments

You need to know the worth of your property at various stages throughout its lifecycle to account for any increase or decrease in value. Your property value estimates need to be prepared with independence and impartiality to avoid conflicts of interest.

It is important to have a concise and objective overview of the worth and performance of your portfolio to help in making informed financial investments. This is where TÜV SÜD and our property valuation services can help.

Why is getting a property value estimate important for your company?

Social and economic changes in the wake of increasing globalisation are having a marked effect on property value and the associated financial risks. Properties gain or lose worth due to changes in socio-demographic structure. Any unknown increase or decrease in value can result in a loss of income for owners and investors. Conflicts of interest between financial and insurance companies may result in biased valuation appraisals.

It is essential to get your property valuation estimate from a company you can trust. TÜV SÜD offers objective third-party property valuation services for real estate purchase, sale, mortgaging, accounting, and taxation on an international level for all types of buildings, from commercial and residential to industrial plants. We also provide appraisal for your building’s internal equipment and production facilities based on our comprehensive multidisciplinary expertise and first-class technical know-how.

What property valuation services does TÜV SÜD provide?

As a qualified, neutral third-party valuation service provider, TÜV SÜD can provide honest, accurate appraisals of the long-term performance of investments and the worth of tangible assets. We offer single or package assessments and produce expert evaluations to assist with investment decisions when buying and selling property, determining mortgage loans and insurable value, and for accurate financial reporting. This includes property and portfolio valuation appraisals, plant and equipment assessments and mortgage lending estimates.

How can expert property valuation estimates benefit your business?

  • Minimise risk and gain certainty – with reliable and accurate reporting and sound advice, backed by our international experience and interdisciplinary expertise.
  • Be assured of impartiality – with TÜV SÜD’s assessment and analysis, independent of financing institutes and real estate agents.
  • Receive customised service packages – based on your property’s relevance in its market sector and considering regional and cross-regional trends.
  • Achieve transparency – with a comprehensive and fair portfolio assessment provided by our network of certified valuers who meet sophisticated ISO 17024 standards.

Our property valuation services

Our experts offer objective and impartial services for the valuation of property, resulting in first-class investment appraisals.

Property valuation

TÜV SÜD provides market value appraisals, risk rating in the property’s specific market sector and determination of mortgage lending value of real estate as per international valuation standards and legal requirements, namely Red Book International Valuation Standards and European Valuation Standards (TeGoVa). We can also produce fair value appraisals and insurable value appraisals.

Portfolio valuation

Our portfolio valuation service addresses issues such as value enhancement, risk minimisation and fungibility analysis. We analyse your portfolio using cluster models by geographical location, unit size, grouping of property type and comparable yield analysis.

Plant and equipment valuation

TÜV SÜD’s experts have been dedicated to the testing and valuation of technical infrastructure since 1866. We provide valuations of technical equipment and infrastructure, machines, tools, and devices. We verify whether plant and machinery or furniture, fittings and equipment correspond to the values shown in the balance sheet. Our appraisals cover the residual worth, market value, fair value and replacement value of plant and building equipment.


We have a highly automated process in place to conduct inspections of all aspects of your property for valuation purposes. Our extensive in-house database is supplemented by data sourced from a network of carefully selected and impartial partner analysts in various regions around the world to efficiently conduct inspections and produce comprehensive photographic documentation of your property.

Why choose our property valuation services for your company?

TÜV SÜD has a strong reputation as an independent, impartial technical service provider. We have over ten years of real estate valuation experience, notably delivering valuations of up to €8.5 billion worth of German real estate in 2011.

Through TÜV SÜD’s involvement in the development of international directives and standards as well as industry training seminars, our experts are always up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements in an ever-changing property scene. Our strong international presence allows us to support you with local expertise in key markets.


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