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Energy Advisory, Simulation & Modeling for Buildings

Reduce environmental footprint and optimise your energy consumption

Reduce environmental footprint and optimise your energy consumption

Innovations in sustainable design, fire resistance, lifts and escalators, acoustics and energy efficiency are ever increasing, as are building standard requirements. It is vital that your assets comply to certain regulatory standards. TÜV SÜD’s first-class green building advisors can assess the energy certification of buildings with the help of complex energy modeling and energy simulation programmes.

Our experts provide first-class intelligence and on-site energy efficiency advice for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. We provide a reliable evaluation of the present state of the building on all aspects that offer high potential for optimising energy consumption: thermal insulation; heating; lighting and air conditioning. Our energy simulation and modelling design services provide an accurate and reliable representation of a building’s energy consumption. Our specialised software analyses the relationship between various systems to help understand a building or project’s needs and helps support stakeholders in making favourable green energy decisions.

By incorporating expert energy simulation and modelling in the design process of your building, you can dramatically reduce your environmental footprint and make some significant monetary savings.


Why are energy advisory and energy modelling simulation so important for your business?

Buildings account for nearly 40% of total energy usage worldwide and up to 38% of global CO2emissions. Green buildings use 30% less energy than conventional buildings and research indicates that every US$1 invested into energy efficiency avoids more than US$2 in energy supply costs. To remain competitive, it is crucial to identify technologies, tools and systems that your buildings can leverage to drive down energy costs and realise these savings. Energy advisory and energy modeling are key to the sustained success of your business.


Benefits of choosing TÜV SÜD’s energy advisory and energy modeling services

By utilising TÜV SÜD’s energy simulation and modelling software and green building advisors, you can benefit from the following:

  • Base your decision on TÜV SÜD’s scientific and proven methodology in mapping energy consumption and evaluate the effectiveness of different measures
  • Tap into TÜV SÜD’s experience in green buildings to formulate additional energy conservation measures
  • Furnish yourself with independent intelligence for investment planning decisions.
  • Benefit from TÜV SÜD’s impartiality to objectively evaluate all relevant structural and technical considerations
  • Receive practical and cost-effective recommendations for renovation work
  • Support your understanding of your energy consumption and introduce the possibility of selling electricity back to the national grid with our detailed reports
  • Analyse, assess and quantify different design concepts and low carbon technologies and make informed decisions with regards to materials & equipment selection, maintenance, refurbishment and future development
  • Benefit from significant energy reductions and reduce operating costs in new commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings


What energy modeling and energy advisory services does TÜV SÜD offer?

TÜV SÜD advisory experts are able to use sophisticated software and a methodology of energy modeling and simulation as well as lighting simulation to analyse alternative scenarios as a basis for your decision-making process. Where applicable, TÜV SÜD experts can support in the examination of alternative heating strategies, e.g. integration of solar energy or examination of the use of renewables as part of your energy mix. Our energy modeling and energy advisory services include:

Energy advisory services

On-site analysis of the building via structural and energetic calculation

Cost-benefit-analysis through calculating the economic efficiency of buildings and energy systems and deciding which structural designs and technical solutions should therefore be implemented.

  • Pinpointing existing weak spots
  • Evaluation of energy loss
  • Development of measures for improving structural, thermal insulation and technology
  • Determination of technical and cost-effective options/modifications
  • Advise on local and national standard requirements
  • Examination of alternative heating strategies, i.e. integration of solar plant, combined heat and power systems
  • Calculation of the derived reduction in emissions
  • Production of client reports based on our assessments and studies

Energy modeling services

The experts at TÜV SÜD use simulation software to predict a building’s energy consumption by studying system interactions and setting ideal energy use levels as per national or international standards.

All design and operating parameters associated with the energy consumption of a building can be taken into consideration. This includes:

  • Wall and roof constructions
  • Window performance values
  • Installed electricity for lighting and user equipment
  • Occupant numbers
  • Ventilation requirements
  • Air and water distribution system descriptions
  • Cooling and heating equipment details

After absorbing all the model data, our energy simulation software combines this with historical data and estimates the performance of the entire building and system components for the year. This pre-emptive measure can therefore greatly benefit your business financially in the long-term, as can our vast portfolio of other green building services.

Renewable energy advisory

Whereas throughout the 20th century fossil fuels made development, mobility and prosperity possible in large parts of the world, it is now essential to develop renewable energy sources to secure a prosperous future. With the use of solar thermal energy, photovoltaics, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy and biomass - alternatives are available and viable for businesses. The economic use of renewable energies and raw materials opens up new and previously unrecognised possibilities for energy supply. Our experts can support you in the building planning stage with a wide variety of renewable energies and innovative solutions from the construction industry. We guide you in the field of renewable energies with comprehensive expertise and solutions tailored to the following needs:

  • Compliance with EEG law
  • Equipment simulation

Building physics and façade design

The façade of the building characterises its appearance and is at the same time the protective cover between exterior and interior. In order to find the optimum comfort for its respective use, the structural properties of the building elements and constructions must be determined. The façade’s opaque and transparent elements must be designed in such a way that rooms do not have to be heated or cooled more than necessary. Furthermore, the daylight yield must be optimised to create visual comfort. With the simulation services we offer, we are able to design and economically realise building physics and façade design in a dynamic manner.


Why choose TÜV SÜD’s green building advisors for your business?

TÜV SÜD’s advisory services for buildings complement a complete portfolio of testing, inspection and certification services for the real estate industry and customised services for green buildings.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of electrical, construction and plant engineering experts with decades of combined experience working on significant global projects. With the ever-changing national and international standards for green buildings and energy efficiency, building designers, developers, operators and facility management companies have to stay up to date and comply with these standards. Our experts also have in-depth familiarity with all relevant international regulatory requirements regarding energy. They are regularly called upon to advise local authorities, energy suppliers and project designers across the globe on investment decisions to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.


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