Common Data Environment (CDE) Services

Define, procure, purchase and implement the proper CDE for your BIM projects

Common Data Environment (CDE) Services

Common Data Environment (CDE) has become a key element in BIM projects for new and existing industrial and public real estate portfolios with many assets. Many global industry corporates are implementing CDE across the entire building lifecycle. A CDE is the relevant building information backbone that joins, centralises and combines building data for further analysis, simulation, optimisation and certification to drive Digital Twin, sustainability and ESG.

In a construction project, a uniform, neutral and centralised communication and monitoring system is crucial. It ensures that the project can be delivered on time and all stakeholders are informed and up to date. CDE for construction is necessary to minimise mistakes that often occur when there is no project management structure, BIM for construction, central information management and a collaboration platform. 


TÜV SÜD services for CDE and BIM projects

  • CDE pre-project advisory including process-workflow-technology benchmark, tender specifications development, technology provider pre-qualifications, etc
  • CDE tendering and procurement services such as development of CDE tender specifications and requirements on functional, contractual and data safety
  • CDE Return-on-Invest (ROI) and commercial IT investment benchmarks, e.g., during CDE provider selection
  • ISO 19650 implementation and certification on project and company level 
  • CDE implementation for new build projects including setup and functional strategies, digital workflow templates, meta data protocols, user/ role/ access concepts, development of information model/ BIM requirements
  • CDE implementation for existing building portfolios including development of building data models, data migration protocols and concepts, definition of APIs between the CDE and other solutions, such as CAFM, ERP, DMS or IoT / BMS 
  • Cybersecurity for CDE solutions for building owner/ investor


TÜV SÜD CDE guideline

The CDE guideline developed by TÜV SÜD is used by public and industrial asset owners or project sponsors during the process of tendering, procurement, setting up or using a Common Data Environment for BIM projects. TÜV SÜD provides an impartial and independent interface between technology providers, building owners and the appointed parties. We guide clients on the application of CDE across companies, disciplines and building lifecycle phases. The guideline is aligned with ISO 19650-1, ISO 19650-2 and ISO 19650-3. 


The benefits of TÜV SÜD CDE services

Reduce the time and costs involved in selecting, integrating and using a suitable Common Data Environment, especially for critical and lifecycle-influencing project setups.

Enable better planning quality, punctual implementation without changes based on digital building information.                             

Practical and strategic optimisation of facility management in the later operating phase.                                                                                                             

Ensure compliance with relevant industry standards such as ISO 19650 for common data environments.                                                                                                             

Reduce data handling and management cost with as-built data transfer to the computer aided facility management (CAFM) software.

Allow building owners and commercial real estate investors to take better control of documentation quality, design quality and maturity, and construction cost structures.


Why choose TÜV SÜD CDE serviceS?

  • TÜV SÜD possesses the know-how for a successful CDE implementation such as relevant commercial/ financial competency, technical construction knowledge, practical and project-related BIM/ CDE experience as well as the necessary IT and data safety regulations.
  • TÜV SÜD is impartial and CDE technology-agnostic. We have a proven track record for the procurement and implementation of more than 15 different CDE technologies. Each was selected to best fit the requirements of the customers.
  • As the knowledge interface between CDE solution providers, building owners and the appointed parties, TÜV SÜD is in the prime position to ensure the best customer care and customer success management , as well as optimising and finetuning the CDE solutions.
  • As an accredited certification body, TÜV SÜD can benchmark, audit and certify the use of BIM and CDE on the company and project level according to ISO 19650.
  • As a real estate and infrastructure expert, TÜV SÜD supports the development, implementation and utilisation of CDE content such as workflows, file containers, meta data and data models for design, construction and operation, including CAFM software, cost counting tools, 4D/5D tools, ESG and sustainability assessment solutions, IoT infrastructures etc.
  • With our public administration experience, TÜV SÜD local experts have the competency to support the procurement, tender and selection process of CDE for ministry, authority and municipality for infrastructure projects.



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