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TÜV SÜD BIM model check powered by Solibri

Check the quality and maturity of your open BIM / IFC project against ISO 16739 or your custom BIM project specification

Open BIM / Industry Foundation Class (IFC) model check for ISO 16739 Compliance

For Real Estate & infrastructure projects using Building Information Modelling (BIM), TÜV SÜD is the trusted, independent and neutral partner of choice for BIM model check, BIM certification and 3rd party BIM review. BIM implementation experts, BIM management specialists and BIM certification professionals develop and apply customised and standardised open BIM / IFC model check powered by Solibri. Specific BIM reviews are catered to various design stages, complexness and stakeholders of the project.

In TÜV SÜD, we aim to enable open BIM / IFC based project quality control and BIM model certification with customised and ready-to-run Solibri model checker beyond just clash detection.

Upload your open BIM / IFC models to TÜV SÜD BIM digital quality and risk management portal to get basic BIM model check for free. Check out TÜV SÜD BIM model check guide to find out how to use TÜV SÜD BIM portal and what you can expect from the BIM model check.

Reach out to [email protected] to get in touch with us today. Tobias is the global manager for digital lifecycle solution in TÜV SÜD. 


TÜV SÜD BIM model check and project certification combine 60-100 rules to detect if your BIM project is compliant with ISO 16739 (IFC) and if your all trade BIM models are properly developed, coordinated and managed. TÜV SÜD model check is customised based on Solibri to add certainty and safety to BIM implementation and delivery. 

We apply BIM knowledge and best practices to every stakeholder and their personal KPIs. The general benefits include: 

  • Optimise BIM authoring, coordination and management for open BIM / IFC projects
  • Provide on-the-job BIM training through the impartial BIM model check results
  • Save time on discussion with TÜV SÜD proven best practices for open BIM / IFC projects and ISO 16739
  • Compact and replicable BIM model checks for close-knit BIM project management thanks to the combination of the most important quality and risk benchmark- 65-100 check points (rulesets) in Solibri
  • High credibility and neutral BIM review by TÜV SÜD supported by well-known experts with the best-in-class Solibri technology knowledge
  • Easy to understand outputs for building owners and investors through TÜV SÜD project certificate and digitally ‘plug-n-play’ issue reports based on Solibri’s coordination report and BCF for consultants and contractors.

As a normative and pragmatic framework, TÜV SÜD BIM model check and project certification ensures that your BIM projects and models are compliant with international standards. This allows projects to be certified and stakeholders to understand the international benchmark for BIM standards.

Building owner

  • Reduce approximately 30-50% of the BIM management and QA/QC costs through project review automation
  • Reduce time needed for quality and risk reporting per data drop from 1-3 weeks to 1-3 days
  • Ensure maximum QA/QC plausibility of the Quality & Risk report
  • Reduce approximately 25-40% of the time needed for technical meetings thanks to visual and detailed reporting and the digital BCF reports


  • Avoid approximately 25-40% of the traditional cost overrun
  • Maximum design/project reliability towards the Project Sponsor Bid without the traditional delta of 20-70% CAPEX forecast

Project manager

  • Reduce labour cost needed to run BIM projects
  • Increase your internal productivity by 30-50%
  • Detailed BIM analysis without time investment

Architect/ Engineer/ Consultant

  • Save 2-6 hours of BIM coordination productivity per data drop with TÜV SÜD 'plug-n-play' BCF report
  • Free BIM training for your BIM authors and BIM coordinators through BIM model check
  • Get certified by globally recognised TÜV SÜD BIM Excellence Certification


  • Save approximately 2 to 3 man-days per project takeover
  • Rapid qualifying and checking of technical/ VDC items that can affect the constructability, schedules and processes of your project
  • Impartial 3rd party validation for your project involvement

Try out BIM model check for free


BIM model check for open BIM / IFC projects is a proven solution to ensure digital BIM quality, risk management and ISO 16739 compliance. The solutions are globally used:  

TÜV SÜD @ IBP, Singapore

Laboratory project refurbishment/ extension project, Germany

Re-construction, Latin America

Meet the expert


Mr. Tobias Schmidt, Global Manager of Digital Lifecycle Solution, TÜV SÜD 

Tobias has been a BIM Consultant and BIM Director on international level for medium and large organisations and on behalf of governments since 2004. Within TÜV SÜD, he was the Senior BIM Consultant and Head of the Global BIM Centre of Competence before his current position that covers BIM, Common Data Environments, Computer Aided Facility Management and other Digital Built Environment processes. His BIM approach is hands on, pragmatic and practice driven. He combines project expertise to implement and optimise BIM for both owners & operators (Real Estate Investors, Industries) as well as General Design and Construction enterprises. 

Get in touch with Mr. Schmidt via [email protected]

  • Read more on open BIM (IFC) project check and certification


    Most building owners from the public sector request BIM projects under IFC setup. This means that BIM models from different authoring tools are exported, imported and coordinated based on ISO 16739 (open BIM, IFC). TÜV SÜD BIM model check and open BIM project certification include reviews and checks on BIM authoring, BIM coordination and BIM management levels. The solution is co-developed by TÜV SÜD and Solibri and is based on Solibri (“SMC”) Technology. TÜV SÜD BIM model check for open BIM / IFC projects goes beyond just clash detection. It is made for BIM project / BIM model certification according to ISO 16739 and general virtual design and construction quality.

    Open BIM projects often lack proper BIM implementation and common (IFC) model authoring across all trades according to ISO 16739/ Building Smart nomenclatures. Thus, the coordination ability of all trade models such as clash detections, quantity take-offs or required design for maintainability (and many other use cases) are usually unattainable or require huge time and quality risks. Many projects use Solibri to process clash detection as a single item of the BIM models. Based on TÜV SÜD BIM Management expertise, Solibri Technology is a powerful and complete project review. In combination of Solibri Technology and neutral TÜV SÜD BIM project certification, all stakeholders will get to enjoy optimal and complete quality and risk management for their open BIM / IFC projects.

    TÜV SÜD BIM model check powered by Solibri and open BIM project certification help building owners, project managers, consultants and contractors improve quality and identify risks. We aim to achieve best-in-class open BIM (IFC) project outcome. TÜV SÜD BIM experts have developed Freemium BIM model check based on Solibri that covers all four quality and risk areas. It also rapidly verifies 65-100 critical quality and risk items in every single IFC BIM model of your project. 


  • What is the best time and frequency to check your open BIM / IFC models?

    Every project has its unique use cases and project dependencies on technical/engineering, technology, process and workflow. TÜV SÜD’s experience and the use of the reliable Solibri model checker has shown great effects towards digital quality and risk management for BIM projects in the following project stages: 

    Design development

    Technical design

    Handover and close out

    Check focus

    Initial open BIM / IFC VDC modelling from the conceptual design stage needs to have a correct setup for updatable and reusable BIM models, especially on PSet level towards ISO 16739.

    BIM models shall be utilised as a single source of truth and “construction blueprint”. Thus, IFC models need to be fully coordinated and fitted with common nomenclatures and LoI across all trade models.

    IFC / open BIM models serve as an accurate and complete digital documentation for setting up of operational systems and processes as well as initiating facility and asset management service tenders.


    If modelling is set up incorrectly (about 90% of projects), there is a time risk for planning (not only for BIM) e.g. IFC models have to be completely re-modelled. There is also a risk for technical design accuracy and cost determination such as duplicate or missing elements.

    If IFC / BIM models have quality and coordination issues, it poses incompleteness and technical compliance risk. This may affect the building lifecycle such as constructability risks, CAPEX-OPEX ratio, fire safety and maintainability.

    If open BIM / IFC models lack proper federation and information management, it may incur additional As-Built BIM development fees and time (3-8 weeks on average). It may also result in the loss of information, especially for the legal compliance of the building.

    Check frequency

    3 checks


    3 checks


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