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Functional Safety Assessments according to ISO 25119

Ensure the safety of your tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry

Ensure the safety of your tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry

Increased vehicle intelligence requires specific safety assessment also for vehicles in the agricultural and forestry industry

Tractor with trailer working in tandem alongside a working combine harvester discharging grain from uploader in an English cornfield.Nowadays, any type of vehicle is becoming more intelligent. Frequently they are equipped with intelligent electronics – and this is also true for machinery in the agricultural and forestry industry like driverless tractors with combined harvester or automated felling and extraction equipment. Therefore, manufacturers need to ensure compliance to ISO 25119 standard for their applications. Safety goals need to be fulfilled, conforming to specified Agricultural Performance Levels (AgPL).

To ensure vehicle safety manufacturers must not only have a look at certain development phases. Instead, there is a need to inspect the whole system within the entire vehicle or machinery life cycle. This stretches from the first developmental steps to decommissioning.

What is defined in the safety standard ISO 25119 for agricultural and forestry machinery?

ISO 25119 defines general principles for the design and development of safety-related parts of EUC control systems (SRP/CS) on tractors, municipal equipment like street-sweeping machines and other machines used in agriculture and forestry. The standard specifies the characteristics and categories required of SRP/CS for carrying out their safety-related functions and refers to any possible hazard which could be caused by any interference behavior related to the safety-related parts of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic systems (E/E/PES).

The standard ISO 25119 for tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry is an industry-specific implementation of IEC 61508 and resembles a merger of modified and simplified ISO 26262 (automotive functional safety) and ISO 13849 (machinery functional safety). It defines the Agricultural Performance Levels (AgPL) and consists of four main parts:

  1. Part one defines the management aspects of a functional safety project and relates to the general principles for design and development
  2. Part two deals with the necessary safety concept and the requirements for risk analysis.
  3. Part three deals with hardware and software development and the associated tests.
  4. Part four of ISO 25119 deals with the functional safety aspects of production, operation, modification and supporting processes.

Why is a functional safety assessment to ensure tractor safety and safety of machinery for agriculture and forestry important?

For vehicle safety, various standards are in place. By demonstrating compliance to the relevant functional safety standards, the safety of your vehicles can be ensured.

The assessment according to ISO 25119 considers all relevant requirements for your agricultural and forestry vehicles. It ensures, that neither the environment nor the user will be harmed due to incorrect functionality of the vehicle.

Using ISO 25119 to evaluate the overall safety of your tractors and other agricultural and forestry vehicles and/or corresponding systems provides multiple benefits for your business and customers:

  • Ensure compliance with ISO 25119 and minimise the risk of harm to people
  • Maintain your competitive advantage by ensuring market access to global markets due to relevant international regulations compliance
  • Avoid costly product recalls and reputational damage due to safety hazards
  • Strengthen your customers’ trust in your agriculture and forestry machinery by ensuring high product quality and safe performance

TÜV SÜD’s functional safety assessment services for agricultural and forestry machinery according to ISO 25119

TÜV SÜD´s functional safety assessment for agricultural and forestry machinery supports you in ensuring that all safety requirements are met, and your vehicles operate safely. We support you with the following services:

  • ISO 25119 Training
  • Functional Safety Assessment according to ISO 25119
  • Functional Safety Audit
  • Verification & Confirmation ReviewsForsetry machinery working in the woods
  • Evaluation of Hazard, Risk, Safety and Architectural Analyses
  • Evaluation of Concept Studies or Technical Feasibility Studies
  • GAP Analyses (e.g. for development processes)
  • Conformity Assessments according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Homologation, Type Approval and Global Market Access
  • EMC testing
  • Process Certification
  • Product Certification of Components and Systems

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TÜV SÜD is your globally trusted partner for functional safety assessments of your vehicles

At TÜV SÜD we have a long history in providing functional safety services along the entire vehicle value chain and provide guidance already in the early stages of a project. We proudly look back to a history of over 100 years of experience in providing solutions for safe mobility worldwide. TÜV SÜD is known as a neutral and independent third-party inspection service provider and can effectively support you in receiving compliance to required safety standards to ensure high and safe performance levels.

Our experts are part of a strong international network of technical experts and regularly exchange on best practices and future-oriented services. We participate in various relevant safety committees to further develop relevant safety standards and regulations

Our pool of interdisciplinary experts leverages its experience and knowledge to provide you with overall solutions covering all relevant fields of system safety. This includes electrical safety, environmental testing, cybersecurity and much more. We partner with you to ensure the safety of your tractors and other agricultural and forestry machinery and that new mobility solutions can be safely broad to the roads.


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