AM Training

Training for industrial additive manufacturing (iAM) professionals

Gain expertise on all levels

Gain expertise on all levels

While additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies offer significant opportunities across a range of industries, they also present a new set of challenges for manufacturing companies. Rapid technology developments, emerging industry standards and a broad spectrum of quality requirements are best met with fresh knowledge and deep insights – especially when it comes to regulated sectors and high-end applications. Combine the know-how of external experts with the experience of your team to release the full potential of additive manufacturing.



Reproducible, safe and e­ffcient industrial additive manufacturing requires expertise on all levels. Our role-based training modules offer relevant industrial AM know-how, tailored to your tasks. The final certification verifies your learning progress and demonstrates your expertise to customers and partners.

  • Competitive advantage through AM specific trainings and personnel certifications by TÜV SÜD
  • Condensed iAM know-how tailored to the roles in your company
  • Tailored learning formats (online and offline) to maximize your learning efficiency
  • Acquire consistent and acknowledged certificates based on international standards worldwide
  • Our trainings address all iAM technologies and equip you with a neutral perspective to enable unbiased AM decisions
  • Experienced practitioner or newbie to AM? We have the adequate training starting point for you
  • We operate on a global level and offer our trainings in several languages


Enable your staff to boost your AM implementation process systematically - sign up to a training tailored to your needs:


  • Quality manager

    In the iAM Quality Manager module, you will learn the most important skills for increasing quality, and thus efficiency and productivity, in your AM company. This includes AM-specific knowledge of quality and production management, relevant AM standards and norms, as well as safety issues in the AM environment. For the production of safety-critical components for regulated industries such as medical technology or aerospace, expertise in risk analysis and management as well as process validation is also essential.

    Your benefits:

    - Increase in quality, productivity and thus efficiency in your production

    - Required expertise for entry into regulated industries

    - Knowledge of current AM standards and future developments

    Target group:

    - Quality representatives & quality manager

    - Production manager

    - Safety manager

    - Purchaser

  • Engineer

    The iAM Engineer module provides you with the expertise you need in your daily work as a production engineer, designer or machine operator in additive manufacturing. In addition to knowledge of AM design and the associated design validation, materials and AM-specific industry standards across the process chain, play an important role. Knowledge of AM specific quality and production management is also essential for an iAM engineer.

    Your benefits:

    • Master AM-design and validation rules
    • Plan and control AM process chains
    • Exploit the full AM potential

    Target group:

    - Production Engineers

    - Development Engineers

    - Engineers and designers

    - Materials experts

    - Machine operators and production staff

  • Business strategist

    In the iAM Business Strategist module, you will acquire the necessary expertise to manage an AM production facility or to set it up with the right business model and to set the direction. You will gain an overview of the status quo in additive manufacturing and get deep into quality and production management as well as change management. You will contribute to the new implementation of the AM idea in the company or to the optimization of existing structures in order to use the technology optimally and successfully.

    Your benefits:

    • Make well-informed decisions on AM developments
    • Develop and evaluate your AM business case
    • Choose the right suppliers

    Target group:

    - Manager

    - Managing Director

    - Consultants

    - Decision-maker

    - Business analysts

    - Stakeholders outside the company, such as banks or insurance companies

  • Machine operator

    Machine-specific training with machine manufacturer

    Personal certification according to DIN 35225 / ISO52942 by TÜV SÜD

    Your benefit:

    • Ensure health and safety compliance
    • Acquire machine operation skills directly from the manufacturer
    • Get certified according to recognized standards

    Target group:

    Machine Operator



Public training:

Join us for an open classroom training, either online or at our training facilities in Germany, Singapore and Japan


Exclusive training for your staff, either in a virtual classroom or at your business location. 

Education partnerships:

Long-term cooperation for the qualification of your employees based on a customized program.


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Why choose TÜV SÜD?

TÜV SÜD has more than 150 years of experience in providing safety, training, certification and quality solutions, and our experts have decades of manufacturing experience. We are on the front line of the AM revolution, defining the latest standards and techniques through our participation in the ISO/ASTM 261 and DIN CEN/TC 438 standardisation committees.


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AM Training

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