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Hazardous Locations (HazLoc) Zoning

HazLoc classifications for North America

HazLoc classifications for North America

What is hazLOC?

Hazardous locations (HazLoc) are defined as places where explosive atmospheres may occur in such quantities as to require special precautions to protect the safety of workers and facilities. Area classification is a method of analysing and classifying those locations in industrial establishments where explosive atmospheres may exist.

In the US, there are two primary methods for classifying hazardous locations: Class and Division system or Zone system. These systems are used to categorize and define hazardous locations based on the presence of flammable substances and the likelihood of fire or explosion. On the other hand, Canada exclusively utilizes the Zone system for new installations. Both classification systems serve the purpose of determining appropriate equipment, installation methods, and safety measures in hazardous locations. Adhering to the specific classification standards is essential to mitigate the risk of fire or explosion and ensure the safety of personnel working in these areas.


Why is classification of hazardous locations important?

Incorrect classification of the potentially hazardous location resulting in the wrong explosion protection measures could lead to explosions or fires. Such incidents can cause significant damage to both people and facilities. It is essential to conduct the required analysis and classification to prevent or minimise the risks of fire and explosion.


Our hazLOC services

Our experts in hazardous area classification and explosion prevention offer you comprehensive solutions for the safety of your premises and your workers. With our services you will benefit from compliance with the necessary safety regulations, classification of areas where combustible explosive atmospheres are present, and you will receive comprehensive advice on implementing safety measures.

Our hazardous classified locations services include:

  • Identify flammable substances and materials that may be sources of explosions and fires
  • Hazardous location classification 
  • Guidance and assistance in implementing the relevant measures following the identification of the hazardous areas
  • NRTL equipment certification
  • Factory inspection
  • Field labeling of complete machines, assemblies, and installations


Why choosE TÜV SÜD for HazLoc?

Services tailored to your needs: Through a combination of trainings, evaluations, testing and documentation, we can provide the tailored solution set which you need to reduce risks and ensure your manufacturing facilities comply with all regulations. Prior to the zoning classification process, we can assist our customers with gap assessment or hazardous locations trainings to get a deep understanding of the processes and technical expertise.

Global network: Our network of explosion protection experts covers all key markets worldwide, thereby providing local expertise with a global reach. With our modern testing facilities and in-depth knowledge on industrial safety processes and regulatory requirements, TÜV SÜD works with customers worldwide to ensure safety anywhere.

Leading regulatory experts: TÜV SÜD’s testing experts actively participate in international advisory bodies and standardisation committees to ensure that our assessment criteria are based on the latest findings.

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