Rail Infrastructure Assessment, Testing and Certification

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

What are railway infrastructure services?

Railroad safety depends on sound infrastructure and reliable systems. Railway infrastructure services includes a comprehensive analysis of your entire rail network to ensure that all infrastructure subsystems like trackworks (or permanent way), earthworks, civil works, tunnels and E&M (electrical and mechanical systems) are working safely and correctly and that the entire system integration is safe. Railway assessments, inspections and testing reports, certification against internationally recognised standards as well as recommendations are provided to help you improve and enhance the safety of your rail infrastructure, components or whole networks.

Why is railway safety so important?

Railway track and maintenance inspection and assessment as well as certification by independent experts provides multiple benefits to operators, infrastructure managers and manufacturers of infrastructure components:

  • Ensure safety and reliability of all elements of rail infrastructure

  • Gain access to various markets by meeting national and international regulatory requirements

  • Increase acceptance of your product or rail network with certification from a trusted third-party testing and inspection body

  • Improve your internal quality management procedures

  • Save time and money by avoiding costly and time-consuming rework of rail infrastructure requirements and specifications

  • Uphold responsibilities to rail users through the design, construction and maintenance of safe and reliable infrastructure

TÜV SÜD’s is your recognised expert to ensure a safe railway network

TÜV SÜD is internationally recognised for its extensive experience in assessing all aspects of railway infrastructure and its components. We are an accredited Inspection Body according to EN ISO/IEC 17020 and we provide a comprehensive range of railway assessment, testing and certification solutions for ensuring the safety and reliability across your entire rail infrastructure network.

Our laboratories are equipped with specialised technology to conduct tests on a wide variety of track components according to the corresponding standards. Additionally, we are able to offer EC certification services to technical specifications for interoperability (TSI) for infrastructure (INF), persons with reduced mobility (PRM) and safety in railway tunnels (SRT).

TÜV SÜD’s railway safety assessment services

We provide a comprehensive range of railway assessment, testing and certification services:

Independent safety assessment (ISA) and Certification

  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Assessment of conformity to EN standards or any other international or national standards
  • Certification according to national and international standards
  • EC verifications according to Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) as Notified Body (NoBo)
  • Safety assessment of infrastructure (e.g. according to EN 50126)
  • Assessment of NNTS as Designated Body (DeBo)
  • CSM evaluation as Assessment Body (AsBo)
  • RAMS assessment according to EN 50126
  • Assessment according to German Light Rail Law: BOStrab§60, 61 and 62
  • Assessment according to Austrian Law EisbG §19, 30 etc.
  • Certification of track measuring cars
  • Design review and construction supervision
  • Quality Assurance, quality control and safety audits
  • Assessment of tunnel safety, fire protection, emergency and rescue concepts for tunnel and stations
  • Assessment of maintenance procedures
  • Verification of structural analysis for civil works


  • Testing of track components (e.g. sleepers, rails, fastening systems, switches, crossings, welding, track fencing) according to EN standards or any other national standard
  • Factory acceptance testing (FATs)

Technical Assessment

  • Independent checking engineer (ICE)
  • Quality assurance/quality control at systems and subsystem level
  • Acceptance testing
  • Damage evaluation (from derailment and other causes)


  • Technical training for supplier, contractors, operators, authorities etc.


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