Training EN 50126, EN 50129, EN 50128 for the rail sector

Training EN 5012x and 50159 for the Rail Sector

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

Put safety at the heart of your railway operations

With more than 50 years of experience in railway, metro and light rail transport, as well as Functional safety, TÜV SÜD has in-depth expert know-how in order to train your employees in all essential aspects of functional safety in the rail sector. Our experts can rely on their knowledge gained from various rail projects around the world. The different modules give insights into the standards EN 50126 (IEC 62278), EN 50129 (IEC 62425), EN 50128 (IEC 62279) and EN 50159.

Target group of the EN 5012x training

The training targets developers, testers, project leads, quality representatives and safety officers primarily focusing on the development of programmable electronic safety systems; users and integrators of safety devices and systems, etc. within the rail industry.

EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50159 training content and modules

Our training course modules A to D introduce you to the processes necessary for your role in the safety life cycle. All training course modules adopt a situation-based approach to the role of supporting processes and the resulting deliverables. Explanations of the necessary work products and appropriate treatment of safety plans are naturally an integral part of all modules.

Demonstrate your knowledge with TÜV SÜD certificate confirming your knowledge status and combine the training modules with the FSCP Functional Safety Certification Program. Register for the FSCP exam as “Functional Safety Engineer”, “Functional Safety Professional” or “Functional Safety Expert”.

Module A: EN 50126 (IEC 62278) – RAMS

Module A on “Functional Safety in the Rail Industry” is a one-day introduction to the individual CENELEC standards, designed to provide a general overview and outline the main planning activities in safety-related rail development. EN 50126 focuses on aspects of RAMS, influencing factors and risk assessment.

Module EN 50126 (IEC 62278) – RAMS includes the following topics:

  • Overview of European directives and standards in the railway signalling technology and their definitions
  • Elements of RAMS and affecting factors
  • Risk / Risk Analysis
  • Safety Integrity
  • Life Cycle Model

Module B: EN 50129 (IEC 62425) – System safety - Hardware

Module B “System and Hardware Assessment” introduces the requirements of safety-related hardware development. You get insights into individual basic methods (FMEA, FTA, Markov models), processes and activities that are critical in hardware development.

Module EN 50129 (IEC 62425) – System safety includes the following topics:

  • Definitions and scope of the standard EN 50129
  • Quality management requirements
  • Safety management requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • The safety demonstration and the safety case (reports)
  • Evaluation methods (FMEA, FTA, Markov models)

Module C: EN 50128 (IEC 62279) – Development & Testing of Safety-Relevant Software

Module C “Development & Testing of Safety-Relevant Software” covers the processes and testing procedures in safety-relevant software development. Requirements are determined in a structured manner based on the software development cycle and underpinned with case studies as practical examples, finally enabling you to establish connections to hardware development quickly and easily.

Module C: EN 50128 (IEC 62279) – software includes the following topics:

  • Definitions of the standard EN 50128
  • Software safety requirement levels (SSAS)
  • Personnel and responsibilities
  • Life Cycle Model
  • Use of COTS software
  • Requirements of the lifecycle phases
  • Verification / Validation
  • Techniques / measures

Module D: EN 50159 - Safety Relevant Data Transfer

Module D, “Safety Relevant Data Transfer”, provides an overview of threats related to data transfer and counteractions to overcome them. Fundamental requirements must be in place to enable secure data transmission between signalling facilities connected to open transmission systems. After completing the course, you will be able to evaluate the hazard rate of the transmission channel.

Module D: EN 50159 - Safety Relevant Data Transfer includes the following topics:

  • Safety transmission system reference architectures
  • Overview of the threats / defences 

If you are interested in individual customised in-house training courses, contact us directly.

Find here a list of Certified Persons according to FSCP Railway EN 5012x.


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