Services for Roads and Highways

Services for Roads and Highways

Ensure safe and stable roads at every step in the road and highway lifecycle

Ensure safe and stable roads at every step in the road and highway lifecycle

Highway and road service maintenance is a vital investment in the state, city and municipal infrastructure. Detailed planning and multidisciplinary technical knowledge are essential to ensure compliance with various professional standards and regulations.

Government and transport authorities, developers and operators need to be aware of the regulated road service aspects including survey, investigation, designing, construction, environment, maintenance and safety. Structural damage that goes unnoticed can lead to safety risks and is costly to repair at a later stage.

How can our road service and highway maintenance services benefit your business?

TÜV SÜD’s road service and highway maintenance services include third-party road testing and inspection to ensure road works structures are safe, stable, reliable and compliant with regulations. Our quality assurance services optimise the performance of road structures while our cost-effective refurbishment strategies extend the lifetime of road infrastructure. In addition, we provide planning and ensure legal certainty.

Our advisors help you maintain single-source control over fund flow and utilisation, improve planning and budgeting, and reliably measure project results. We enable you to complete projects on time and budget, maintain road user safety and mitigate business, financial and legal risks. Other benefits include:

  • Delivering projects on time – with single-source control, enabled by our interdisciplinary support and project management advisory.
  • Reducing costs – through our expertise in identifying road maintenance repair needs and making restoration recommendations with cost efficiency in mind.
  • Gaining planning and legal certainty – with our in-depth knowledge of technical directives and standards, along with best-in-class advisory on project planning, cost control and material selection.
  • Ensuring the safety of road users – with our expert third-party quality assurance that optimizes the performance of your road structures, enhances traffic flow and inspires trust in your reputation.

What road maintenance and highway services does TÜV SÜD offer?

TÜV SÜD’s suite of services extends from feasibility studies to project management, materials testing and site inspection. We have experience with most road structures including highways, expressways, grade separations, urban arterial roads, local roads and express bus corridors. Our experts assist you throughout your project lifecycle, from initial design review to final acceptance and maintenance.

Accredited by various national bodies, TÜV SÜD offers third-party testing and inspection services to ensure road works structures are safe, stable, reliable and compliant with regulations. With our civil engineering expertise, construction materials knowledge and objective assessments, we support you from the planning phase with a comprehensive evaluation. Our quality assurance services optimize the performance of road structures while our cost-effective road service and highway maintenance services extend the availability and lifetime of infrastructure.

Our road and highway services include:

  • Advisory
    • Our experts provide advisory services that cover feasibility/DPR studies, master planning and project management of road and highway projects. We also conduct contract reviews, design reviews and approvals, as well as technical reviews of construction plans for stability and construction physics.
  • Inspection
    • We conduct technical audits and regular quality assurance inspections throughout all stages of development and refurbishment to ensure structural stability according to international regulations. Our experts also provide construction supervision services that include construction site safety inspections.
  • Testing
    • Construction materials and products used in the project are tested in our laboratories and on site. Our tests cover chemical and physical analyses of materials, as well as destructive and non-destructive testing.
  • Maintenance services
    • We conduct on-site visual checks for damage on existing roads and produce damage assessment reports. Our services also cover refurbishment proposals and repair recommendations that include cost estimates and planning reviews. In addition, we conduct special inspections and tests after flooding, fire, road accidents and other special conditions.


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