MDR/IVDR Declaration of Interest

We perform all our testing, certification and conformity assessment activities on the basis of our Testing and Certification Regulations, applying utmost professional reliability and the required level of expertise.

To ensure independence, impartiality and objectiveness, we do not combine testing and certification services that form the subject-matter of a contract with consultancy on the same subject.

We provide our testing and certification services to all interested parties without preference or discrimination. We always ensure impartiality as an important and exclusive element; in particular, we make sure that our impartiality is not jeopardised by any commercial, financial or other pressure.

Our employees make all testing and certification decisions purely in line with technical or normative requirements and follow the TÜV SÜD Code of Ethics.

We guarantee the impartiality of the notified body, the top-level management and assessment personnel. The level of remuneration of the top-level management and assessment personnel of the notified body and subcontractors, involved in assessment activities does not depend on the results of the assessments. The notified body hereby makes the declaration of interest of its top-level management publicly available.

TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH

Signed: Dr Jens Butenandt

Signed: Dr Peter Havel


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