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Design and construction of nuclear power plants

Develop safe and secure systems, structures and components.

What are nuclear plant design and construction services?

Nuclear plant design and construction services involve a review of design documentation and assessment of technical solutions for standard compliance. Systems and components are also verified for conformity to the license agreement.

Why are nuclear plant design and construction services important?

These services ensure that all safety and security requirements are fulfilled, increasing public trust in the safety of NPPs. Errors or weaknesses can also be detected at an early stage, enabling timely modifications, improvements and control for increased safety, security and availability of NPPs.

TÜV SÜD helps to ensure the safety and compliance of your nuclear power plant project at all stages

TÜV SÜD provides objective and impartial technical advisory services throughout the entire project lifecycle. Our integrated approach ensures a top-level view of the safety, availability and reliability of nuclear installations.

Our nuclear plant design and construction services include:

  • Systems

    We provide overall analysis of systems and operation, deterministic safety assessments, probabilistic safety assessments, and evaluation of operation manuals and procedures.

  • Structures

    Our experts review the structural design against external human-influenced and natural events such as earthquakes, as well as internal events such as fire and explosions. We provide criticality assessments and advice on radiation shielding.

  • Components

    Our design and construction services for components include design review, structural analyses, functional testing and verification, acceptance and commissioning tests, type testing, review of component specifications, dynamic tests, environmental management and damage analysis.


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