Digital Payment

Digital Payment

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

What are digital payment services?

The use of digital payments in everyday life is rising. It is crucial for companies to ensure that card interface devices and related software have the functionality and interoperability to perform effectively with EMV-compliant payment systems.

TÜV SÜD provides digital payment services for cards, terminals (integrated module, vending units, electronic point of sale (EPOS), automatic teller machines - ATM, mobile point of sale (mPOS)) and mobile pay devices including wearables to comply with various payment related specifications and other applicable national regulations such as CE for Europe, FCC for USA etc, to support the product launch for the manufactures of the devices.

Why is testing and auditing of digital payment terminals important?

The payment market is continuously evolving with product manufacturers struggling to keep up-to-date with the growing number of different solutions. For cards, terminals and mobile pay devices, manufactures have to address contact, contactless technologies against a backdrop of tests required to meet specifications from EMVCo, MasterCard, Visa, China Union Pay, American Express and JCB. Manufacturers make substantial investments in both time and money, consequently the pressure is on to deploy new technologies quickly and deliver an advantage in this highly competitive market.

TÜV SÜD offers comprehensive digital payment services

As an independent third-party test and certification body, we are authorised to carry out compliance testing for payment systems devices against the harmonised debit/credit EMV standards. Our experts offer an unbiased and technically competent service for a wide range of subsystems and systems, whether established technologies, Bluetooth or the latest mobile phone technologies. TÜV SÜD provides fast evaluation and clearance, including report preparation and type approval management, to minimise your time to market for new technologies. With an extensive global network of experts, we can provide certification for access to your target markets.

TÜV SÜD is a member of EMVCo and ETSI.

TÜV SÜD’s testing and auditing services for digital payment

We offer comprehensive digital payment testing and auditing to ensure safe and quick deployment of your digital payment methods in the competitive market. Our services include:

Testing services

  • Integrated Circuit (IC) cards: card testing is offered either as debug testing or as approval testing
    • Visa IC cards
    • JCB IC cards
    • MasterCard Card Quality Management (CQM)
  • Terminal approvals: The products we test range from vending units, electronic point of sale (EPOS), automatic teller machines (ATM) and mobile point of sale (mPOS)
    • Contactless terminal testing – EMV Level 1 and 2 test for contactless terminals
    • Contact terminal testing – EMV Level 1 and 2 test for contact terminals (T=0 and T=1)
    • MasterCard Global Terminal Quality Management (TQM)
  • Mobile approvals: mobile testing is offered either as debug testing or as approval testing
    • Visa mobile
    • JCB mobile handset
    • EMVCo mobile type approval
  • Validation services
    • Test tool validation
    • Test script validation
    • Integrated testing or end to end approvals
    • EMC debug testing
    • Tool distribution

Auditing services

  • TÜV SÜD contracted to provide services under the MasterCard Global Terminal Quality Management (TQM) programme.
  • TÜV SÜD is recognised by MasterCard to provide audit services for the Card Quality Management (CQM) programme.


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