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REACH Only Representative (OR)

Services for non EU manufacturers of chemicals, articles, formulations under REACH

Services for non EU manufacturers of chemicals, articles, formulations under REACH


As Only Representative, TÜV SÜD provides reliable and neutral support to numerous non-EU manufacturers or non-EU formulators of substances and mixtures. The duties of an Only Representative according to Art. 8 REACH include not only registration, but all other obligations of importers under REACH.

  • Do you want to change your Only Representative?
  • Has your previous Only Representative failed or not fulfilled his obligations?
  • Do you want to have your registration dossier reviewed?


  • Compiling importers and import volumes - without disclosing your trade secrets
  • Responding to regulatory inquiries
  • Providing safety data sheets
  • Updating registration, if necessary

Importers of articles containing SVHC have to report certain information to ECHA according to Art. 7 REACH, as soon as the concentration is > 0.1 % and the annual quantity exceeds the tonnage threshold of 1 t/a. Manufacturers outside the EU need an Only Representative to fulfill the obligation according to Art. 7 (2, 4) REACH, if the notification to ECHA is not done by the importers.

The involvement of an Only Representative has the advantage for importers not to have to act themselves and for non-EU manufacturers the advantage to bundle the notification and not to have to contact each importer individually. A non-EU manufacturer/formulator of substances/mixtures is initially dependent on his European customer having a REACH registration for the substance in question. But what if the non-EU manufacturer/formulator can export much more than the European customer is willing to buy? By appointing an Only Representative, the non-EU manufacturer/formulator is no longer dependent on the REACH registration of its customer, which is a significant competitive advantage over fellow competitors who have not appointed an Only Representative. 

Also, trade secrets (e.g. product composition) can be preserved, as they no longer have to be disclosed to every importer, if the importer has to register the imported products (e.g. mixtures) and is therefore dependent on the cooperation of his non-EU supplier.
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