Electrical, Fire and Structural Safety Inspection Services For Buildings

Electrical, Fire and Structural Safety Inspection Services For Buildings

Safeguard your building from risks that can impact your company’s employees, reputation and performance

Safeguard your building from risks that can impact your company’s employees, reputation and performance

Our EFSS Inspection and Auditing Services

Recent fatal fires and a lack of structural stability that has caused buildings to collapse highlight the need to ensure the overall safety of industrial and commercial buildings. Retailers and consumers may request a stringent safety standard but the manufacturer may find it challenging and complex to implement. The absence of safety standards can lead to the loss of human lives and property, as well as the company’s reputation, performance, revenue and business prospects.

Retailers and consumers are demanding a specific, focused and comprehensive inspection and audit process that covers structural stability, building safety, and fire and electrical safety. Hence the need for a systematic and critical appraisal of all potential hazards involving personnel, plant, services and operation methods. We provide a one-stop service that covers all of your inspection and auditing needs. Our experts provide project management to ensure that your EFSS inspection and auditing run smoothly.

TÜV SÜD offers electrical, fire and structural safety (EFSS) inspection and auditing services for commercial and industrial buildings. These services meet the requirement of retailers and consumers, while facilitating the process at the manufacturers’ end. We assist you in enhancing the safety quotient for your industrial and commercial building by complying to regulatory requirements and your buyer-specific requirements. We offer two EFSS services to best suit your needs: preliminary EFSS inspection and EFSS audits.

Preliminary EFSS inspection

 Electrical, Fire and Structural Safety Inspection Services For BuildingsThis is based on the critical check points for EFSS according to regulatory and safety aspects. It is a one-day audit with two experts on-site to perform the inspection.

This inspection will be visual based and no testing or measurement is carried out. The outcome of the inspection provides an indication of the facility’s safety compliance.

Any area of concern can then be taken up by that particular discipline during the comprehensive audit.

EFSS Stage 1 audit: identifying and excluding risks

  • Review and on-site inspection of structural analysis and construction plans, and electrical and fire safety systems.
  • Fire safety scan: to ensure fire safety standards are consistently maintained.

If findings of the stage 1 audit reveal that the building condition is complex or critical, the stage 2 audit is recommended.

EFSS Stage 2 audit: examining and evaluating risks

  • Structural stability
    • Inspect all accessible areas of support structure, roof insulation and drainage for defects or damage.
    • Inspect all structurally relevant components for cracking, deformation or moisture efflorescence and chipping.
    • Measure moisture levels at selected points in wooden parts.
    • Measure and where appropriate conduct laboratory analyses of building materials used.
  • Fire safety
    • Identify and assess fire risks during operations in receipt, storage, transfer and handling of chemicals (raw materials and finished products).
    • Review chemical compatibility in storage areas and suggest appropriate fire loss control measures.
    • Review the various active (fire hydrant, sprinkler, portable fire extinguishers) and passive fire protection requirements for  chemical storage and handling areas, suggesting improvements as necessary.
  • Electrical safety
    • Review static electricity hazards in the factory operations.
    • Review hazards area classification and selection of flameproof electrical installation in the factory, including maintenance aspects.
    • Review electrical preventive maintenance system.
  • Others
    • Review contractor safety awareness and recommend suitable improvement measures to enhance contractor safety.
    • Review safety awareness and safety training requirements of factory employees with respect to hazards present in the factory.

Once all measurements and inspections are complete, TÜV SÜD will submit a detailed report with recommendations of preventive actions.

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