Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters

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Sustainability Matters: Achieving Excellence in Environmental Testing and Battery Certification

At TÜV SÜD, we recognize the significance of sustainability in today's rapidly evolving world. We are committed to enabling manufacturers to meet stringent regulatory standards and customer expectations while prioritizing environmental protection and social responsibility. Our state-of-the-art EV Lab offers a comprehensive range of testing and certification services to ensure the highest level of safety, reliability, and sustainability for battery systems.

  • Environmental Testing Excellence
  • Full Environmental Scrubber System
  • Ensuring Safety, Performance, and Durability
  • Comprehensive Testing Equipment and Systems

Our EV Lab in Auburn Hills, Michigan, is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and control systems to replicate various environmental conditions and stress factors that batteries may encounter during their lifespan. Our capabilities include:

  • Climatic Chambers
  • Vibration/Shock Testing Equipment
  • Electrical Load Simulators
  • Safety Systems
  • Data Acquisition and Control Systems

TÜV SÜD: Your Partner for Sustainable Battery Production

Our sustainability assessment and reporting services help establish a sustainable value chain from cradle to cradle. We assist in defining observation limits, conducting objective assessments, determining SDG weightings, and identifying applicable business indicators and justification documents. With our guidance, you can target, improve, and monitor concrete measures to ensure a sustainable operation.

Certification for Hydrogen Refueling Stations

As hydrogen-based mobility gains traction, having substantial hydrogen refueling stations becomes crucial. We offer certification services for stationary pressure equipment, risk assessment studies, and safety concept reviews. Our approved inspection agency supports commissioning and operation, ensuring compliance with local market requirements.

Partner with TÜV SÜD to ensure sustainable safety, efficiency, and quality for a green future. With our expertise and commitment to sustainability, we help you navigate the evolving landscape of environmental testing and battery certification, enabling your success in a rapidly growing market.

Simply fill out the form and download our brochure to learn more about our services and how we can support your sustainability goals!


We are a highly experienced 3rd-party independent lab, specializing in testing batteries in North America since 2009. With a global presence and extensive expertise in battery safety and abuse testing, our battery testing operations span across various countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore.

We work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide support throughout the entire process. At TÜV SÜD, we offer our customers over 100 years of global safety and certification experience, continuing to expand our capabilities in Michigan.

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