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Building automation planning phase

For an economical and qualified system

For an economical and qualified system

As the complexity of building automation planning increases over the years, the challenges faced by building owners, planners and contractors increase as well.

There are many factors such as the availability, functionality, usability and scalability of the systems, individual operating requirements and the laws, guidelines and standards to take note of when planning for building automation. 

A qualified building automation plan helps to avoid costly mistakes, ensures the desired quality on time and guarantees the systems availability. TÜV SÜD‘s interdisciplinary and independent experts begin the journey of building automation planning with you to achieve a cost-effective and future-proof system in the long run. We check and monitor the basic conception, selection and implementation of the building automation system up to the operation phase.


Our service during the building automation planning phase includes

  • Examine your building automation plan according to the applicable standards and guidelines as well as national recommendations for action
  • Quality monitoring during the construction phase
  • Integrate building security and IT security in quality monitoring in addition to the actual technical building equipment, if necessary


The benefits of working with TÜV SÜD

  • Time and cost efficient with standardize tests and protocols
  • Provide objective evaluation and reliable basis for your decision making as an independent and recognized third-party expert organization
  • Our experts deliver quality, state-of-the-art building automation system that comply with your specifications


Contact the team now to find out how TÜV SÜD can help you in the planning phase of building automation.


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