Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Improve the energy efficiency of your buildings

Improve the energy efficiency of your buildings

International laws and directives for energy use are becoming increasingly stringent

Customers are more aware of their role in global energy consumption. Building owners and operators need to evaluating the benefits of transforming their assets into energy-efficient buildings against potential utility savings.

TÜV SÜD provides expert intelligence and onsite energy efficiency advice for commercial, industrial and residential real estate on both existing building structures and systems as well those as in the pre-construction phase. Our experts also help you optimize your facilities and processes.

What contributes to energy-efficient building design

The key to introducing energy-efficient buildings into your real estate is to conduct a holistic analysis of the building design, materials used, technical building services, equipment and components selected and the production operations throughout the entire building lifecycle.

TÜV SÜD’s experts will work with you to develop a practical system aimed at generating energy savings by improving the efficiency of your assets.

our energy-efficient building services

TÜV SÜD’s holistic approach to energy efficiency addresses the entire building structure, infrastructure and production operations.

  • Energy and Media Efficiency (TÜV SÜD EME standard for real estate and production infrastructure)
    TÜV SÜD offers an integrated approach to energy efficiency that analyses the entire building envelope, systems and components. Our services help to reduce energy consumption, operating costs and CO2 emissions, while at the same time ensuring production quality, and compliance with legal requirements, standards and directives. We support you in realizing corporate objectives and strategic direction, assessment of systems and more. This integrated approach includes energy audits, on-site workshops and more.
  • Energy Audits
    Our experts study your building’s use of energy to identify opportunities for energy conservation and establish an energy management program. This begins with a thorough energy efficiency audit to determine ways to reduce the building’s specific energy consumption (SEC) and ends with an assessment that quantifies the savings potential for each of the proposed measures along with the costs and return on investment.
  • Energy Advisory for Buildings
    Our energy efficiency advisors provide a reliable evaluation of a building’s potential for energy optimization and help clients understand energy consumption and areas of wastage. We identify opportunities to resell excess energy back to the national grid or neighboring developments. TÜV SÜD offers full mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design capabilities to deliver a complete service from initial audit through to the installation and commissioning of the revised building systems.
  • Energy Management System Advisory
    TÜV SÜD helps you set up an ISO 50001-compliant Energy Management System (EnMS) that will enable you to integrate energy management best practices into your current management system.
  • Energy Modelling and Simulation
    Our experts use 3D computer modelling and dynamic simulation modelling (DSM) to conduct energy efficiency and energy simulation studies for an accurate representation of a building’s energy consumption. This helps building owners and operators understand the relationship between various systems and may be used to support decisions to adopt green measures.
  • Lighting Simulation
    Using advanced lighting simulation software, tools and techniques, our experts can recommend ways to maximize the use of natural lighting to reduce lighting energy costs by up to 60 per cent.
  • Certification
    TÜV SÜD provides energy efficiency certification for “Energy-Efficient Enterprise,” lift systems, plants and systems, as well as heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning products. Your building will receive the TÜV SÜD certification mark if it fulfils all criteria.
  • Training
    Our customized training programs include energy management system awareness training, energy auditor training, technical energy manager training and M&V protocol training.

How our services can benefit your business

  • Save Money - by improving the cost-effectiveness of your building and its systems. Our experts pinpoint potential areas for energy savings and make recommendations to maximize the efficiency of your assets.
  • Protect your Investments - with sustainable energy schemes and certifications that can significantly enhance the value of your assets.
  • Gain Legal Compliance - by improving the transparency of your production processes to comply with increasingly stringent national and international statutory requirements, and climate change regulations.
  • Strengthen your Competitive Edge - with a TÜV SÜD certified commitment to sustainable development that serves as a powerful marketing tool to help your company stand out.
  • Profit from our Holistic Approach - with a customized service package and objective expert reports on energy-related issues.
  • Offer Tenants a Better Quality of Life - with a sustainable energy policy that enhances your building’s value and motivates building occupants to implement their own energy conservation efforts.
  • Save Time with an Expert Partnership - that delivers these services effectively and on schedule, allowing you to focus on your core business goals. Energy efficiency is a core competency of TÜV SÜD.


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