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Software Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU PED Professional

Facilitate the application of the Pressure Equipment Directive

Facilitate the application of the Pressure Equipment Directive

What is The Software Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU PED Professional?

PED Professional is your ultimate support around the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and with information on the UKCA Regulations on Pressure Equipment and Simple Pressure Vessels. Through interactive tools and a user-friendly reference book with a search function for individual terms and cross-references that you can call up simply by clicking on the mouse, you can reach your goal in just a few steps. It only takes a few steps from the inclusion of the pressure equipment to the declaration of conformity. The software allows you to switch from the interactive part to the original text of the directive at any time.

    • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
      Original text of the Directive in English, including guidelines and additional remarks
    • International library
      Original text of the Directive in 19 European languages
    • UKCA Regulations
      on pressure equipment and simple pressure vessels. You will find a guide, the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulations 2016 and the Simple Pressure Vessel Safety Regulations 2016 in a consolidated version.
    • Categorization
      Graphic assignment of a pressure equipment to a category on the basis of its hazard potential
    • Hazard and risk analysis
      Proposal how to perform a 4-step hazard and risk analysis for pressure equipment and assemblies
    • Operating instructions
      How to prepare operating instructions for pressure equipment and assemblies
    • Material Database
      Editable material database, with selected properties
    • Test pressure calculation
      For the standard water pressure test according to EN 13445-5
    • EC-GHS/CLP 1272/2008 substance list
      Database with over 4,400 substances offers support
      in fluid categorization according to the Directive
    • Particular material appraisal
      Preparation of a particular material appraisal for nonharmonized
    • European approval for materials
      Database containing the materials with European
      material approval
    • Full pressure cycles
      Allowable number of full pressure cycles according to
      EN 13445-3

    ✔ Original text of the guidelines in all official European languages
     Incorporated guidelines and notes
     Hazard analysis for pressure equipment and assemblies
     Preparation of operating instructions
     Materials database with selected characteristic values
     Hazardous substances list according to EU-GHS/CLP with over 4,400 substances
    ✔ UKCA regulations in consolidated version
     European material approval
    ✔ Software bilingual in German and English


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