Industrial Cybersecurity Risk Assessments & Training

Protect equipment and control systems from cyberattacks

Protect equipment and control systems from cyberattacks

Your Partner for Cybersecurity Assessments, Training & Gap Analysis

Industrial cybersecurity is the process of protecting Industrial Control Systems (ICS) from cyber threats. From the temperature sensors in boilers to turbines generating power, virtually every part of interconnected systems is vulnerable to cyberattacks. They’ve become big targets for hackers who see them as easier prey than financial institutions. While banks and credit card companies have tightened their cybersecurity protections, industrial facilities have lagged behind. The ever-growing threat needs to be faced head on.

Industrial Cybersecurity Training and Assessments from TÜV SÜD enhance awareness, readiness, and protection from hackers. We offer unrivaled training and compliance assessments on standards such as:

Our cybersecurity audits, gap analyses, and readiness exercises will find vulnerabilities in your systems and ensure that you are as protected as possible. We service owners, operators, and integrators in all critical infrastructure industries, and manufacturers of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices.

Our reports make it easier to secure the proper cyber insurance so you have protection in the event of a cyberattack.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Benchmark your cybersecurity program against international best practices
  • Awareness, readiness, and protection against cybersecurity threats
  • Ability to secure appropriate cyber insurance against industrial hacking threats
  • Compliance with standards like NERC CIP, IEC 62443, and NIST
  • Customized cybersecurity programs according to your specific industry and unique risk profile
  • Recommendations to increase your cybersecurity protections
  • Reports that accurately assess your threat levels
  • Precise selection of suppliers with the right security protocols

Industrial Cybersecurity Training

  • NERC cybersecurity awareness training - Helps organizations become compliant with NERC CIP-004-6, and ensures workers are aware of security threats, cyber threats, and other anomalies.
  • Targeted training - This training for ICS operators and maintenance teams leads to plant-wide cyber-resilience, OT risk avoidance, and improves plant efficiency. It helps avoid unplanned breakdowns and increases machinery efficiency.
  • IEC 62443 training package - Cybersecurity awareness training for plant owners, ICS system integrators, and component/system manufacturers.

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Identify Risks in Your Organization and Supply Chain

Identify Cybersecurity Risks in Your Organization and Supply ChainAt the corporate level, we perform gap analysis of your corporate framework by assessing your security management system and property risk engineering framework for compliance with IEC 62443 and NERC CIP. We also review existing controls, assess your security management system, and examine your cyber insurance compliance.

At the site level, we conduct periodic audits, automated vulnerability assessments, gap analysis, electronic security perimeter audits, and more.

Through your supply chain, TÜV SÜD develops processes and templates that help you develop an end-to-end concept for supplier management, including the impact of security requirements on the supply chain. We also help you define the security requirements for companies in your supply chain; determine how procurement gets suitable tender documents; and measure and verify the effectiveness of supplier management.

Our team of highly trained cybersecurity experts is ready to help you.

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