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In-Service Inspections for Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plants

Optimize your solar PV power plant operation and maintenance

About in-service inspections of PV Plants

In-service inspections help to implement regular checks of PV power plant status, operational availability and reliability. They assist owners, operators and investors to optimize shutdown periods to increase power production and ensure financial stability.

In-service inspections are necessary to ensure that your assets deliver the expected power output and meet the planned return on investment of the project. They also help you to meet regulatory requirements for mandatory inspections. The timely recognition of repair and maintenance needs will minimize costs, ease constraints on public funds and significantly extend the life of your PV power plant.

TÜV SÜD provides regular inspections, performance verification and preventive failure analyses to help you maximize productivity, reduce costly downtime and meet regulatory requirements.

Our in-service inspection services include

  • Inspection of regular maintenance

    TÜV SÜD conducts inspections in line with the detailed test procedures and to-do lists provided in the directives for regular solar PV maintenance.

  • Identified Problem Analysis

    Our evaluation takes into consideration your description of problems and the first check of all available documents and monitoring data.

  • Visual Inspection

    Our experts conduct a visual inspection of the PV plant to identify its status and basic issues affecting its ability to function reliably and safely.

  • System and Component Inspection

    We also inspect a wide range of PV systems, including roof-mounted systems (medium-sized systems for residential and industrial roofs) and large ground-mounted systems. This includes detailed measurements of component parameters.

  • Definition of improvement measures

    We provide a proposal for detailed improvement measures according to the identified technical and organizational problems.

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