NISTIR 8259 Testing (IoT Cybersecurity)

NISTIR 8259 Testing

Ensure your IoT products comply with NISTIR 8259

Ensure your IoT products comply with NISTIR 8259

Ensure security of iot devices with Nistir 8259

NISTIR 8259 is the second edition of NIST’s (National Institute of Standard and Technologies) standard, "Foundational Cybersecurity Activities for IoT Device Manufacturers." NISTIR 8259 recommends cybersecurity activities that manufacturers should perform before they sell their IoT devices to customers. The IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act mandates that all government agencies shall not obtain or use IoT devices that do not comply with NISTIR 8259 guideline.

This technical guide can be used for IoT products to comply with the requirements of the California and the Oregon Connected Device Information Privacy Protection Acts.

TÜV SÜD’s nistir 8259 certification services

NISTIR 8259 Testing Services from TÜV SÜDTÜV SÜD’s worldwide information security testing centers provide customers with optimized information security testing solutions and information security certifications. Our cybersecurity expert team is constantly learning the latest network security vulnerabilities and defense technologies.

Our experts are familiar with cyber fraud and data privacy regulations in specific markets and a deep understanding of the cyber threat field. Cybersecurity and data protection is among our core capabilities. 

overview of the services we provide:

The importance of a Nistir 8259 certification

A NIST certification is important as it is one of the most comprehensive and widely accepted roadmap available at the moment for manufacturers to help protect their customers from numerous increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats. It is also an indicator of confidence for consumers who might not know the technicalities of cybersecurity for products to recognize that products that have been through NISTIR 8259 cybersecurity test has met some cybersecurity standards to ensure a degree of safety from cyber threats.

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