Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

EU: Hinged combination ladder with one or several hinge joints standard EN 131- 4:2007 updated to EN 131- 4:2020   


In March 2020, EN 131-4 has been updated to 2020 version.

EN 131-4 applies to hinged combination ladder with one or several hinge joints.

In comparison to the previous version, the updates include the following significant technical changes: 

In 4.1, for the ladders can be used as standing ladders, the functional dimension requirements for two-piece combination ladders in EN 131-1 now shall apply.

In 5.3, the centre hinge in the standing ladder position is now exempted from the requirement and maybe unlocked.

Two ladder classes “non-professional” and “professional” are introduced, the test force in various strength test is now determined by the ladder class. The strength test has been thoroughly modified in 6.2.2 and 6.2.3 in terms of test force, test procedure and criteria.

The ladder is tested in the position of use and the test shall now be carried out at both the rung or tread nearest the center of the ladder and nearest the top hinge of the ladder. The test force is determined by the ladder class. After the test, the locking mechanism shall work correctly, the ladder shall remain upright and not break and permanent deformation is acceptable providing the ladder remains fully functional and it does not impair the fitness for use, or safety, of the ladder.

In 6.2.4, it is clarified that for a ladder which has different types of hinge, each hinge type shall be subjected to this cyclic test.
In, the strength test of decking component has been modified, the ladder is to be supported underside its stiles horizontally so that its feet is free from contact with the ground. A preload of 100N is introduced and the test load has been increased from 1000N to 1471N.

In, the strength test of the ladder and decking component in platform position (previously called safety test of ladder) is also modified, the test load is now based on ladder class and the criteria is according to requirements in 6.1.

In, the decking component sliding test is modified, a new 300N horizontal test force is added.

In 6.2.7, the test load applied in capability to pass from storage positions to working position has been changed from 100N to 150N.

Marking shall now comply with the requirements for durability according to EN 131-2 required in 7.
An additional information “when the hinge ladder is used as access equipment for a higher level, the ladder has to be secured against unintentional sideways sliding.” is now required for user instruction in 8.

The update also comprises many other technical and editorial changes.

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