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What ARE Quality Management Systems?

Management systems help organisations large and small improve business operations, reduce risk and achieve a competitive edge. Management systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 provide a framework for companies to assess their processes.

Management system auditing and certification involves independent experts assessing your processes to discover areas of improvement. A certification confirms the compliance of your processes to relevant standards.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recently amended its Management System Standards (MSS) to emphasise climate change. Organisations implementing these standards must now acknowledge climate change's impact on their operations and actively engage stakeholders, such as customers and communities, to address this critical external issue.

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  • The ISO Audit Process Explained

    1. Pre-sales & Order Confirmation

    TÜV SÜD prepares individual offer/s based on the questionnaire/s submitted. The organisation must give us order confirmation.

    2. Audit Planning

    TÜV SÜD reviews your questionnaire to develop the audit plan and coordinates the audit process.

    3. Audit Action

    TÜV SÜD conducts Stage 1 audit on-site, updates original audit plan, and completes certification audit Stage 2.

    4. Any Deviations?

    Your organisation implements corrective measures to address non-conformances identified by TÜV SÜD.

    5. Certification Issuance

    A positive decision by TÜV SÜD allows your organisation to use the certificate and the certification mark.

    6. Surveillance Audits

    Annual audits and recertification audits required to maintain certification validity.



Businesses from industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, IT, energy, food and more benefit from working with an independent certification body. Having your business operations assessed by an independent provider like TÜV SÜD offers multiple benefits:

  • Conduct a comprehensive and independent audit of your business operations, facilities and supply chain to discover potential for improvements
  • Optimise processes and boost your profit margins
  • Be provided with internationally recognised certification
  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality, safety and security – to consumers and regulators alike


ISO 9001 Guidance

ISO 9001:2015 Guidance

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