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Benefits of Lift Modernisation

Posted by: Tim Piggott Date: 24 Oct 2023

Keeping your building's vertical transportation systems operating reliably is essential to the flow of people, maintaining value and ensuring user satisfaction. Modernising your lifts can bring numerous advantages. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of lift modernisation and why it's a smart investment for property owners and managers.

Improved Safety

The safety of users and those tasked with maintaining and inspecting lifts should always be the top priority. Lift safety standards, regulations, codes of practice and technology are continually evolving. So, inevitably over time there will be shortfalls against the requirements and or protective measures in state-of-the-art solutions. When considering the modernisation of a lift to improve safety a methodical process of; identification of the hazardous situations relevant to the lift; evaluation and risk assessment of the hazards; and classification of priority levels with the aim of reaching an equivalent level of safety to today’s state-of-the-art for safety, should be followed by technically competent and sufficiently trained persons. A carefully considered modernisation not only minimises the risk of accidents but also ensures your building remains compliant with the latest safety standards, regulations and codes of practice.

Better Lift Performance for Building Users

Safe, reliable lifts are essential to a building's operation and a key factor in user satisfaction. Modernising a lift can deliver significant improvements in reliability and passenger experience with reduced waiting times, improved ride quality, and information displays. Providing an efficient and pleasant experience for users will make your property more attractive and competitive in the market, reducing vacancy rates and turnover costs.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Modernisation of a lift can significantly improve energy efficiency, reducing your building's carbon footprint and operating costs. Energy-saving upgrades include energy-efficient motors and regenerative drive systems that convert excess energy into electricity, LED lighting and stand-by modes that reduce energy consumption when the lift is not in use. These improvements not only benefit the environment but also lead to long-term cost savings and contribute to your company’s sustainability goals.

We can assess the energy usage of your lifts as in this lift mains supply monitoring case study where the client used our data to decide whether they should install new lifts or modernise existing lifts to achieve greater cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Cost Certainty

Increasing and unexpected repair costs can make financial planning difficult. Replacing components one at a time as they fail may be masking a wider issue and you find that you replace one component only for another to fail shortly afterwards. A carefully considered modernisation that addresses all potential issues and brings the life expectancy for all major components into alignment will enable you to accurately plan your finances and budget accordingly. This provides an additional benefit of making your lifts more efficient thereby reducing running costs.

Accessibility Compliance

For most buildings providing independent access for all is a fundamental requirement. Enhancing the accessibility features of your lifts can be incorporated into the scope of a modernisation to ensure that your building provides independent access to all users irrespective of their needs. This not only potentially expands your tenant base but also aligns your building with legal requirements for accessibility, health and safety and social responsibility.

Improved Appearance 

To many users the aesthetic appearance of a lift is a vital part of the passenger experience as they move through a building. An aesthetic upgrade can be a simple and cost-effective way to refresh the appearance of your lift to match the design theme of the building, and reflect modern design trends and branding.

Increased Property Value

Lifts are a high capital cost investment, so ensuring that you maximise their life expectancy is vital to the financial success of a building. Prospective tenants and buyers will inevitably consider the condition of a building's amenities, including the lifts, when making decisions. Reliable, energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing lifts that meet the needs of all users will add to the property's appeal and can justify higher rental rates or sale prices.

Is Lift Modernisation the Right Solution for You?

Lift modernisation is a smart investment that can yield numerous benefits for property owners and managers. By replacing old and obsolete parts with modern

equivalents, you can:

  • improve safety and passenger experience
  • reduce running costs
  • provide cost certainty
  • enhance the appeal and value of your property

The benefits of lift modernisation are many and varied. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact our expert and impartial team of lift consultants to find out how we can help you.

Learn more about our lift maintenance management services or explore our full range of lift consultancy services.


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