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Introduction to CFD and Flare Gas Modelling

Posted by: Marc Laing Date: 09 Nov 2022

A common challenge faced by our clients is that they are unable to represent their problems at full scale as most test facilities are operated at lower temperatures and pressures due to safety and cost constraints. So how can they understand how their equipment is performing from a technical and business decision-making perspective? 

At TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, we use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), a branch of fluid mechanics, to understand complex fluid behaviours. CFD can be used for a range of different industries such as aeronautical, heat transfer, power and multiphase flow. 

In this video, Marc Laing, Head of Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Sandy Black, a CFD Engineer, introduce you to CFD and how it can help you achieve more accurate metering of flare gas. Watch to find out more about CFD which is a tool that can be used across a whole range of industries.

At TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratories, our CFD modelling approach provides an independent and impartial insight into problems involving fluid flow which helps our customers develop solutions for their business needs.

We back up our CFD modelling with real-world experience and have access to a vast array of test data. Find out more about how our CFD consultancy services can help you.

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