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Introduction to Condition-based Monitoring (CBM)

Posted by: Colin Lightbody Date: 06 Sep 2022

Do you want your operations to be more efficient? Do you know how condition-based monitoring (CBM) could help your business? Could remote monitoring reduce employee exposure to hazardous areas and enable data to be transferred to any location?

Many modern technologies provide operators with additional data far and above the parameters they were designed to measure. This diagnostic data can be used to improve the operation of the meter. Predictive analytics can use historical performance to give the operator the ability to predict and avoid instrumentation failure. What would a move away from a strict calendar-based maintenance and calibration regime to one which is determined by the condition of the instruments mean for your business?

In this video, Colin Lightbody, Principal Consultant, introduces you to CBM and explains how it can help you run a more efficient operation. He also discusses whether CBM could replace traceable calibration. Watch to find out more about CBM and how it could benefit your business. Find out more about how our data analytics services can help you.

Introduction to Condition-based Monitoring

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