Powering the Future

The need to act on climate change and deliver sustainable energy security is well documented.

The UK has become the first major economy in the world to legislate a target of net zero by 2050. To reach this, it will require substantial changes to the ways in which energy is generated, stored, transported and consumed.

Providing trust and certainty will be crucial to making sure the path that is followed is smooth, and TÜV SÜD is working to provide that trust and certainty through our testing, inspection, calibration and certification services which are being rapidly adapted to serve the changing needs of the clean energy sector and address a decarbonised economy.


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Powering the future of zero emission vehicles

Batteries and fuel cells fill each other's operational and performance gaps - the future of zero emission vehicles will be powered by both.

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Balance of Power

The Balance of Power

At a time when our thirst for energy is greater than ever, managing our future energy needs is an increasingly delicate task.

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Safety & Efficiency for Your Power-to-X Project

Conquering challenges in your Power-to-X project

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Could Nuclear Qualification open a new market for your products

Enabling revolutionary progress

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Climate Action Certification

Achieve Net Zero with Climate Action Certification

What are your company's net zero goals? When do you plan to achieve climate neutrality?

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Environmental Monitoring at Nuclear Licensed Sites

TÜV SÜD specialises in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment for groundwater, surface water, human health, and sediments at Nuclear Licensed Sites. This capability has developed over a decade and encompasses monitoring of radiological and other contamination.

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