The role of measurement in enabling net zero emissions




There are currently several drivers for achieving net zero emissions such as the Paris Agreement (COP21), the Renewable Energy Directive (RED I, RED II) and the European Green Deal. In order to meet the targets set out, there are many challenges which must be overcome, both technical and economic. One challenge that is often overlooked is the need for accurate measurement.

In industry, accurate measurement provides structure; removes wastage; provides a framework for trading that enables open and fair markets; and increases efficiency and performance. Hence, as we transition from fossil fuels to less carbon intensive sources of energy, it is important that the necessary measurement infrastructure is in place.

This webinar, presented by Marc MacDonald, Head of Clean Fuels, will discuss several measurement challenges, with a focus on flow, that we face, as we transition to lower carbon alternatives to meet the energy needs of the future.


Marc MacDonaldMarc MacDonald

Marc is a Chartered Chemical & Process Engineer with over six years’ experience in flow measurement. He is leading the Clean Fuels Flow Metrology group at TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory with a focus on hydrogen flow metrology research. Marc has worked on the design, modification and upgrade of TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory’s National Standard flow facilities and has practical experience working with all types of flowmeters including Coriolis, ultrasonic, turbine, differential pressure and multiphase.

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