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Transitioning to a sustainable future requires innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with energy production and consumption accounting for 75% of global emissions. While clean energy options like wind, hydro, and solar power are crucial, they can be challenging to store and transport. Power-to-X technology can convert electricity into hydrogen, ammonia, or methanol for storage and management, significantly reducing carbon footprints. However, scaling up these technologies presents challenges that require time to establish regulations, codes, standards, engineering, building, and testing. Businesses need experienced partners with expertise in all disciplines along the value chain, particularly in the early stages of Power-to-X projects, to overcome these challenges.

What challenges are there with Power-to-X projects?

  • Lack of experience: Hydrogen is a new field so parts of the process may differ from your previous experience.
  • Unknown complexity: Construction of PtX-plants is determined by a long project process & comes with risks, such as technical & safety issues.
  • Risk of inefficiencies & delays: The many interdependencies in project process can cause costly delays & complications with plant certification.
  • Broad field of regulations: Essential to have broad and up-to-date understanding of political developments as well as regulations.

Download our quick guide to learn more about the challenges you could face with your Power-to-X projects and the services TÜV SÜD offer to help your business succeed.

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