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Certification by the TÜV SÜD Examination Institute

Certification by the TÜV SÜD Examination Institute

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HERMES is the project management method from Switzerland for all types of projects. It is a standard of the federal administration for IT projects, as well as many cantons and municipalities, and is also used in the private sector. HERMES ensures a shared understanding of the project and supports all project team members in efficiently and successfully fulfilling their tasks and responsibilities. With its clear structure, HERMES supports various applications and can be easily adapted to the needs of the project.




Our HERMES personal certifications

CT Teaser Hermes Foundation

HERMES - Foundation Level

For project staff

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CT Teaser Hermes Advanced

HERMES - Advanced Level

For experienced HERMES project managers (Exclusively focused on the HERMES method)

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HERMES - Advanced Level (Recertification)

Recertification is performed at the participant’s request before the certification period expires.

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HERMES 2022 – frequently asked questions



  • The service we provide

    TÜV SÜD conducts HERMES certification on behalf of the Swiss federal administration.

    • HERMES examinations directly following training sessions
    • Open HERMES examinations at various locations in Switzerland
    • Open HERMES examinations at Swiss universities
    • Conducting the HERMES examinations by TÜV SÜD. The certificate is issued to participants by the TÜV SÜD invigilator as soon as the examination is passed.

    The TÜV SÜD certificate for HERMES attests to your methodical and practical knowledge.

     HERMES September 2013 - January 2024
    Foundation Certificates 13.975
    Advanced Certificates 2.944
  • What does HERMES mean?
    • HERMES is an open project management method for information technology, services, products and business organization
    • HERMES is an important success factor in a number of projects
    • HERMES offers a shared guideline for users, creators and operators
    • HERMES is suitable for project sponsors, project managers and project staff in particular
    • HERMES is used as an open standard in the federal administration as well as in cantons, towns and cities, educational institutes and companies
    • HERMES is a group of experts from eCH and represents users

    Equal treatment in language:
    The HERMES method uses role designations which are irrespective of a person's gender and positions in an organization.

  • Advantages of the method

    Free online tool: For downloading and individually adapting template forms such as project requests or project structure plans (integration of Sharepoint and MS Project)

    Cost and time savings:
    Easy to get to grips with and use through self-study or course lasting two to three days

    All project team members with their tasks and responsibilities

    International standard:
    Suitable as a company standard for project management

    Freely available and future-proof:
    National standard in Switzerland

    To stay up to date with the HERMES method and related forums and events, use the HERMES website at or subscribe to the newsletter here.

  • Testimonials

    First the scope: Virtually every IT project brings with it changes to other areas of the organization. The scenarios can be used to manage organizational projects, service procurement and IT development projects with the same basic elements.

    Then the depth:
    The modules are fully described with roles, activities and outcomes. The "Project steering" and "Project management" modules are particularly well integrated.

    Continuing to focus on what matters:
    An experienced project manager is able to very quickly choose exactly the components in exactly the form that are expedient for a specific project.

    Last but not least:
    The documentation online and the support with templates are exemplary, save time and money and therefore offer major added value.

    Angelo Leisinger, CEO CLAVIS klw AG