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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

Codex Alimentarius Commission Publishes Updated Dairy Standards

The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has recently released updated versions of a number of its food products standards related to cheese products.

Published in late August, the updated food standards include the following:

  • CXS 263-1966 Standard for Cheddar 2019
  • CXS 264-1966 Standard for Danbo 2019
  • CXS 265-1966 Standard for Edam 2019
  • CXS 266-1966 Standard for Gouda 2019
  • CXS 267-1966 Standard for Havarti 2019
  • CXS 268-1966 Standard for Samsø 2019
  • CXS 269-1967 Standard for Emmental 2019
  • CXS 270-1968 Standard for Tilsiter 2019
  • CXS 271-1968 Standard for Saint-Paulin 2019
  • CXS 272-1968 Standard for Provolone 2019
  • CXS 274-1969 Standard for Coulommiers 2019
  • CXS 276-1973 Standard for Camembert 2019
  • CXS 277-1973 Standard for Brie 2019

Codex food standards are updated on a regular basis to reflect current scientific knowledge and research.

Originally established in the early 1960s, the CAC today is comprised of nearly 200 Member Countries and Organizations, and more than 200 intergovernmental and international non-governmental observer organizations. Codex food standards, guidelines and codes of practice help protect the health and safety of consumers while also contributing to the establishment of fair and uniform practices, thereby facilitating international trade.

Additional information about the recent updates in Codex food standards is available here.


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