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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Malaysia: Draft amendment of labelling requirement for feeding bottles and teats

APRIL 2018 - Relevant for: toys & children's products INDUSTRY

On 2 March 2018, Malaysia Ministry of Health notified1 the World Trade Organization (WTO) of a draft amendment of the Regulation 27A, Food Regulations 19852 for feeding bottles. The regulation 27A currently bans Bisphenol A in feeding bottles and restricts nitrosamines and nitrosatable substance in teats. The draft amendment proposed to include teats which are sold separately and prescribe the labelling requirements for feeding bottles and teats. The public can submit their comments until 1 May 2018.

Subpart of the regulation

Draft Amendment


Addition of definitions of feeding bottles and teats.

a. Feeding bottle refers to a container used specifically for storing milk or other liquid for consumption by infants and children, which consist of bottle, lid, teat, and teat cover, and it shall include container of other form made intentionally to be used in the same manner as that of feeding bottle.

b. Teat refers to a substitute nipple that when attached to a container holding a fluid permits a baby to obtain the fluid from the container by sucking.


Additional labelling requirement that the feeding bottles or teats shall be clearly labelled with instructions for proper cleaning and sterilisation of the product and below information.

a.For feeding bottles
i) scale mark; and
ii) the words “PENGGUNAAN BOTOL SUSU BOLEH MENJEJAS PENYUSUAN SUSU IBU” (“USE OF MILK BOTTLE CAN SURVEY FOR SUSTAINABLE MILK”) in bold font and not less than 10 point size, on the front or main panel of the outer package.

b.For teats to be sold separately from feeding bottles
i) shelf life of the teat; and
ii) the words “PENGGUNAAN PUTING SUSU BOLEH MENJEJAS PENYUSUAN SUSU IBU” (“USE OF SUSTAINABILITY CAN LEAVE SUSPENSION OF MILK”) in bold font and 4 point size or more, on the front or main panel of the outer package.


Newly required the component parts including teats that are sold separately from feeding bottle should not contain below presentations:

a. On its label any picture, graphic or text which suggest similarity of the product with a mother’s breast, pictures or graphic of infants or parts of infants or any other persons; and

b. Any descriptive matter appearing on or attached to or supplied with it any information on the promotion or advertisement of another product.

Table 1. Summary of the draft amendment of Regulation 27A, Food Regulation 1985

[1] WTO notification
[2] Malaysian Food Regulations 1985


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