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Your regular update for technical and industry information

USA: New York state bans crib bumper pads

 August 2019 - Relevant for: softlines, children's products

Effective 12 October 2019, the sale of crib bumper pads and the use of such pads in certain settings will be prohibited in the New York State1. A crib bumper pad is defined as a pad of a non-mesh material resting directly above the mattress in a crib, running the surface area of the crib or along the length of any of the interior sides of the crib. It does not include mesh liner.

The newly passed Law aims to ban the sale or offer for lease of any crib bumper pad as an accessory to a crib, or as a separated item in the state. It also does not allow the child care facility or place of public accommodation to use or have on the premises any crib bumper pads, unless a medical professional determined the use of crib bumper pads is medically necessary. Place of public accommodation means any inn, hotel, motel, motor court or other establishment that provides lodging to transient guests.

There are many incident reports indicating that children were injured due to various problems such as suffocation and entrapment. Toddlers may misuse bumper pads to assist climbing out of crib, leading to falls and injury. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the risk of injury or death from such products may far outweigh the benefits.

Ohio2, Maryland3, and the city of Chicago4 already implemented similar ban. In June this year, the US Congress also introduced a bill5 to prohibit the sale, distribution in commerce, or importation of any crib bumpers.

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[2] Chapter 3713.021 of the Ohio Laws and Rules
[3] Health General Section 22–502.1 Annotated Code of Maryland
[4] Chapter 7-36-112 of the Municipal Code of Chicago
[5] Senate Bill S.1816 introduced by US Congress


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