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Your regular update for technical and industry information

TÜV SÜD Grants XPT ISO 26262:2018 Functional Safety Process Certification

On November 17, TÜV SÜD Greater China has awarded ISO 26262:2018 Functional Safety Process Certificate to XPT (Nanjing) E-Powertrain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "XPT"). Mr. Jan Sun, Senior Vice President of TÜV SÜD Greater China, Mr. Leon Li, Director of Strategy and Business Process, Product Service, TÜV SÜD and Strategic Account Manager for NIO, and Mr. Joseph Zhao, Senior Manager of Mobility, TÜV SÜD Greater China, attended the certificate awarding ceremony. Issuance of this certificate marks that XPT has built up a complete product development process system that complies with the requirements of ISO 26262:2018 and the highest automotive safety integrity level "ASIL D"; moreover, it further demonstrates that TÜV SÜD, a leading worldwide technical service in the field of functional safety, is committed to assisting domestic manufacturers of key component for new-energy vehicles in improving core technology competitiveness.

TÜV SÜD Grants XPT ISO 26262:2018 Functional Safety Process CertificationFulfilling Safety Commitments with International Expertise

ISO 26262 "Road vehicles - Functional safety" is a global standard developed by International Organization for Standardization in 2011, revised in December 2018. This standard covers activities throughout automotive product development safety lifecycle in relation to functional safety management, concept design, system, hardware, software design and production, designed to effectively prevent and control systematic failure as well as control random hardware failure through guidelines of standard technical specifications, in order to help automotive products manufacturers, reduce the product liability risks to an acceptable level. Now, ISO 26262 has been generally recognized in the industry as supply entry criteria.

With the progresses of the "4 transformations" (electrified, intelligent, connected and shared) of vehicles, the automotive industry is moving onto a fast development lane. Electrification is the fundamental and critical element in the 4 transformations, which poses greater challenges in regard to reliability and safety of core component and systems to new-energy vehicles, comparing with the traditional ones.

Through this process certification project, XPT put in place a project management and product development team with functional safety professional engineering qualification; as well as built up a product development process system which meets ISO 26262:2018 standard for ASIL D level and can be implemented by relevant functional safety project development teams. Mr. Joseph Zhao, Senior Manager of Mobility, TÜV SÜD Greater China, said, "The success of this process certification project not only marks the safety integrity of the product development process system of XPT's electric drive system (EDS), but also highlights the level of safety management, design and verification of its product development capability to the highest international standard of functional safety. Encouraged by a booming new-energy vehicle market, TÜV SÜD will continue to focus on this frontier business, provides carmakers with one-stop functional safety solutions based on our international expertise, to help them break through safety technology barriers and work together to promote high-quality and safe development of new-energy vehicle industry.


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