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Your regular update for technical and industry information


There is a little good in any bad situation. The current quarantine and restriction of travel forces us to look for new ways in areas that until now seemed insurmountable. Safe data transfer is a requirement of the safety measures of the VDA ISA and contains the mandatory and advised requirements for individual processes for each level of safety protection.

Remote Supervision of TestsFour years of work after the first successful TISAX certification and the continuous improvement of the prescribed measures allow us to further develop the TISAX regulations while still respecting them in full. When analysing the relevant requirements and with a thorough knowledge of modern technologies, new alternatives to traditionally established procedures emerge at our Safety and Electronics Test Centre in Bezděčín and at Emission Lab in Roztoky – SECURED MONITORING OF EXAMS IN REAL TIME.

During this assignment, a team of our IT specialists developed, tested and checked the following solutions:

  • Remote surveillance - secured monitoring of tests in real time
  • Access to the TÜV SÜD Czech net in accordance with TISAX regulations
  • Protection elements:

  o Multi-level authentication of customer access, including two-factor authentication
o Secure laboratory access
o Trained employees
o Encrypted transmission, time-limited
o Logging of all accesses
o Personal data protection

Saving time and costs while maintaining full supervision will remain our added value in the future.

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