Functional Safety Assessment

How long does a Functional Safety assessment take?

Functional safety certification processes are unique and follow your development plan

Functional safety certification processes are unique and follow your development plan

The Length of a Functional Safety Program

All development plans, and certification processes are unique and as such there is no single answer. However, functional safety assessment usually follows your development plan. This means that the time taken for your assessment is not determined by the functional safety certifier but your own development process. However, the earlier in your development plans that you involve your certification partner, the more robust your timings will be.

The length of a functional safety certification program will also be determined on your product’s complexity, and your marketing plans. A relatively simple product will take far less time than a larger, more complex, and integrated product.

To gain reliable visibility of the timeframe of the functional safety assessment, it is best practice to have your developers and the functional safety organization work together at the early design stage and have in-depth discussions about your safety concept – what you hope to achieve in terms of safety rating and function and how you plan on achieving that.

These discussions will dig deep into the system architecture or the component architecture, and what your boundaries are in some cases. The assessment process should then follow through the product development lifecycle.

There are timing and cost risks associated with not involving your provider until later in the process. Conducting a functional safety assessment after the product has been built could unearth non-compliance matters that result in functional safety failures; matters that could have been identified far earlier in development and addressed at the time.  

Phase-Related Failure Costs (Functional Safety)


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