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Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio


Uniscon, a TÜV SÜD company, is the inventor of patented Sealed Cloud technology. Using technical measures only, Sealed Cloud ensures the following:
• Data transfer and memory are always encrypted (as is common practice)
• Both content AND metadata (connection data) remain protected during processing.
• Only the user can access his/her own data.
Service provider staff & administrator access is excluded by patented, technical means at all times!
As a result, Sealed Cloud technology allows users to benefit from cloud applications while ensuring maximum security, confidentiality, and privacy compliant cloud computing.

Why choose TÜV SÜD for your secure cloud storage?

There are a number of factors that make TÜV SÜD your go-to provider for secure cloud hosting: 

Location assurance: For sensitive data such as health records, TÜV SÜD’s Singapore-based servers make Sealed Cloud the perfect data storage service for a range of businesses based inside or outside of the city state.

Peace of mind: Sealed Cloud is a secure cloud storage system which provides a unique level of protection. Using state-of-the-art encryption, everything within the system is securely sealed, ensuring that the only person who has access to your data is you. What’s more, any technical or non-technical problem can be attended to quickly and easily, helping to keep your business running smoothly at all times.

Future-proofed: The acquisition of Uniscon in 2017 marked an important milestone for TÜV SÜD in providing support for the digital transformation of its customers worldwide. With a wealth of expertise in auditing, testing, certification and consulting, our digital strategy is committed to developing new services in relation to Industrie 4.0 and helping your business to benefit from a “smart future”.


TÜV SÜD is a premium quality, safety and sustainability solutions provider that specializes in testing, inspection, auditing, certification, training and knowledge services. Represented in over 850 locations worldwide, we hold accreditations in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. By delivering objective solutions to our customers, we add tangible value to businesses, consumers and the environment.


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